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How to play blackjack online

How to Play Blackjack Online – Basic Online Blackjack Rules

Players need to know blackjack rules in order to learn how to play blackjack online. The basics of blackjack are very easy to learn.

Blackjack in a nutshell

It is very similar to play online blackjack, than it is to play blackjack in a land casino. The idea behind blackjack is that you want to beat the dealer by having cards whose sum are more than the dealer's and is less than twenty-one.  When your cards amount to more than twenty-one, it is called busting and you lose the game.

It is important to choose the right online casino to play at.  You can ask your friends for a referral or visit your favorite search engine to help point you to a respectable and trusted online casino.  You can also look for an online casino that offers free online blackjack to assist you practice without having to spend any money.

Before starting to play online blackjack, you need to read the rules of the online casino as well as learn what the values of the cards are. Picture cards all count as ten and the Ace count as either one or eleven.  In blackjack, it does not matter which suits your cards are. The sum of a hand is the total of card values. The Ace counts as 11 when the sum is less than 21. In case the hand exceeds 21 the Ace counts as one.

Basic online blackjack rules:

In online blackjack, you want to beat the dealer's hand without going over 21.
Face cards count as 10. Aces can be either 1 or 11, whichever suits you best.
Each player get 2 cards to start off with, 1 of the dealer's cards will be hidden until the end.
To click 'Stand' is to hold your total and end your turn.
To click 'Hit' is to ask for another card.
If you have more than 21 you bust, which means the dealer wins regardless of his hand.
If you are dealt 21 at the start, you have blackjack and win!
Blackjack will usually you win 1.5x your bet, depending on the online casino.
Dealer has to hit until his/her cards total 17 or higher.
Doubling is almost like a hit, the bet is doubled and you can only get 1 more card.
You can split when you have 2 of the same card, the pair will split into 2 hands.
When you split you double your bet, because each additional hand is worth the original bet.
Blackjack players can only double/split on the 1st move, or 1st move of a split hand.
You can't play on 2 aces after they are split.
Players can double on a split hand, tripling or quadrupling their bet.

The best way to learn online blackjack is by practicing.  There is a free online blackjack game called Hit or Stand that includes a trainer that teaches you blackjack techniques while you play. The goal of this game is to learn how to make a high percentage of correct moves, and there is no real money involved. You can choose between easy or difficult mode, and there is a bonus round, as well as a high score list.