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Blackjack odds

Online Blackjack Odds – Using Blackjack Odds to Win at Blackjack

The basics of blackjack odds, explaining the online blackjack house edge, blackjack probabilities and the difference between land vs online casinos.

Understanding any online casino game is a crucial element of the form of entertainment involved. Blackjack is certainly no different in this regard. Obtaining an understanding of the odds that make up the game of blackjack is an important factor of the pursuit. Many believe that gaining an insight into online blackjack odds is a valuable step towards increase one's chances of winning. In order to understand the game of online blackjack in its mathematical form, it is crucial that a concept of blackjack odds is first grasped.

Online blackjack house edge …

In understanding the concept of blackjack odds it is first necessary to look at the issue of the house edge. This term can be explained as the amount won by the casino on each player's bet. However it is important to note that this house edge percentage is an average number and is not really relevant for a single game of online blackjack. It is also interesting to note that a lower house edge may often be found at a single deck game rather than a multi deck game of online blackjack.

Probability and blackjack odds …

An interesting factor of odds at the online casino blackjack game is the element that the online casino dealer does not have the freedom to play the game as another player might. In certain cases the dealer's actions are determined by the rules of the particular online blackjack game. For example, if the dealer's card total is under the amount of 16, the dealer has to hit, while in the event of a total of 17 and above the dealer stands. Bearing in mind that there is a relatively high probability that a ten may be drawn due to the large number of tens, including face cards, in the deck, the player makes game decisions and choices accordingly.

Different game of online blackjack – different odds ….

It is interesting to note that there are several factors that may affect the odds of the online blackjack game. Different variations of the blackjack game produce different odds for the online blackjack gamer. It should be noted that a variation of game rules can affect the house odds.

Doubling after splitting offers better blackjack odds …

Although in many land based casino locations, players are not permitted to double after splitting, in online blackjack this is often allowed. This option of doubling after splitting offers preferred blackjack odds to the player.

Doubling and blackjack odds …

It should be noted that at many online blackjack games, certain restrictions are placed on the doubling option. Some casinos limit the doubling action to particular hands which increases the house edge and therefore offers less preferable odds for the blackjack player.