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Where To Play Free Blackjack And The Best Ways To Test Your Skills

Free blackjack is a great way to learn the game and we look it if it tests your skills

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world and with good reason – it has one of the highest RTPs (return to player) of any game and is incredibly simple to learn. 

This means that you could quickly be playing a game that can earn you real money. 

But to win real money at blackjack you need either luck or skill (and we know which one we’d bet on in the long term). 

The only way to improve your skill levels is by practice, which means that opting to play free blackjack must be the ideal way of doing this, right? Not necessarily, as we explain, free blackjack is a great way of learning blackjack, but it’s not the best way of testing your skills. 

Where can I play free blackjack online? 

Before we go any further, yes you can play free blackjack online – just not quite at online casinos, as we’ll explain. 

Many of the world’s leading online casinos offer free cash welcome bonuses. These come in the form of deposit matches, where an online casino will match the amount of money you deposit up to a certain amount – for example, a casino might offer a match of 100% for up to £100, meaning that if you deposit £100, you’ll be given the same amount back for free. 

If you sign up to an online casino and use its deposit match then you can (sort of) play free blackjack. However, if you want to play totally free blackjack, you’ll have to look at different sources – oddly, news publication sites. 

We searched for free blackjack and found three leading news outlets that offer it: 

What you’ll see is that each of these three different news sources offers the same free blackjack game – so much so that if you start playing it on one site, close the web page and start on another, then you’ll be returned to the same session. So, how good is it? Not that bad. We tried it and found it to be a pretty crisp and simple game – as far as free blackjack goes, we think it’s pretty good. 

Should I play free online blackjack?

Yes, there are ways of playing blackjack for free, and yes the gameplay is pretty good. But the question you must ask yourself is whether playing blackjack for free is really a good idea. Let us answer that for you now. 

Pros of playing free online blackjack

  • You don’t lose any money 

  • Gives you a chance to practice 

Cons of playing free online blackjack

  • You don’t win any money 

  • It’s not ‘real’ blackjack 

To summarise, there are two things to consider. 

Firstly, playing free blackjack is a great way to get an introduction to this great card game – you don’t have to worry about every play you make because failure doesn’t hit you in the wallet. This makes it ideal for beginners. 

Secondly, because there’s no risk of you losing any money, you don’t get exposed to what blackjack is really about – making decisions based on the threat of losing money and promise of winning some – it’s not a test of your skills. 

What are the best ways to test my blackjack skills?

Playing free blackjack is a great way to introduce you to the basic understanding of the game – you’ll find out which combinations are good to stand on and which you should seek a hit. However, free blackjack does little to test the skills you need to be a truly winning player. But there are three great ways that do test and develop your skills. 

We recommend that you test them out in the order that we give below. This is because it gives you an ascending scale of seriousness, pressure, and tension, helping you to evolve your powers of logical thinking – your blackjack skills. 

1. Test your blackjack skills with friends 

Playing at home is the most relaxed way of testing your blackjack skills – you can play for as little or as much as you like and keep it as relaxed as you choose. 

2. Test your blackjack skills at an online casino 

The beauty of playing blackjack at an online casino is that it offers a test of your skills in a real situation (gambling for money), but removes some of the tension. This is because you’re not surrounded by experienced gamblers who are watching as you bet. 

Royal Panda is a great online casino to test your blackjack skills, as it has an RTP of 99.64% – meaning that £99.64 of every £100 wagered on blackjack at Royal Panda is returned to gamblers over time. 

3.Test your blackjack skills at a land casino 

Land casinos are the pinnacle for testing your blackjack skills – they’re filled with gamblers who’ve spent years playing the game (ones you can impress with your skills), have a designated a dealer, and a live atmosphere that you simply cannot beat.  

Playing free blackjack is a great way to introduce you to the game and there are a lot of places you can find it online. But free blackjack only takes you so far and if you want to really test your skills, then you need to play for real money. 

So start by trying the free blackjack game we recommended earlier in this article, then play against friends, at an online casino, and, finally, at a land casino. 

Good luck, or should we say skill – because that’s what you’ll have once you get to a land casino!