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Blackjack Phone

Blackjack Phone Technology

The Samsung blackjack phone offers many exciting features. There are many applications available using the relatively new blackjack phone technology. The Samsung SGH-i607 is known as the Blackjack Phone or Samsung Blackjack Cingular Phone. It is a smart phone – a 3G-enabled PDA mobile phone. The blackjack phone technology supports all of the Cingular features and applications and these coupled with the attractive design of the phone, are a draw card for many customers.

Specifications and Features of the Blackjack Phone

The Samsung SGH-i607 features a 1.3 mega pixel camera situated on the back of the phone that allows users to take photographs or to film up to one hour of sound-enabled video. The blackjack phone technology allows users high-speed Internet downloads of up to 1.8Mbps over 3G.

The blackjack phone features screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and contains an impressive QWERTY keypad. It is operated on Windows Mobile 5.0 with a possibility for users to upgrade to 6.0. The blackjack phone contains 64 MB Ram and 128 MB ROM. Bluetooth 2.0 is available with blackjack phone technology. The phone can play MP3, WMV, MP4 and 3GP media formats.

Synchronizing your Blackjack Phone and Computer

Microsoft ActiveSync is software that allows users to synchronize data between their mobile phone and their computer. Synchronization of your computer with your blackjack phone will allow you to access and update your contacts, calendar, tasks and inbox with Microsoft Outlook and copy or moves files between your computer and your blackjack phone.

Cingular Music Applications on the Blackjack Phone

Customers can use the Cingular music applications on their blackjack phone in order to listen to, buy and access music. They can also join communities with similar music interests to themselves. There are a number of different options available for the customer when using this blackjack phone technology and these include Windows Media Player, Shop Music, MusicID, Streaming Music, Music Videos, The Buzz, Community and Music Apps.

Cingular Video Applications on the Blackjack Phone

Blackjack phone technology allows customers to make use of the Cingular video applications. These help a user to view, download and share streaming videos from the Internet. Cingular video applications include media clip options, using video categories, customizing Cingular videos, my purchases to buy videos and the option of parental control. The video application offers an address bar, favorites, video categories including TV to go, sports, weather, entertainment and HBO mobile.

Cingular Mall Applications on the Blackjack Phone

The exciting Cingular Mall application that is part of the blackjack phone technology allows users to buy games, tones and multimedia and graphics, as well as gain access to media sites. It includes push email, wireless synchronization for contacts, calendars and tasks, as well as a large and colorful screen.

Blackjack Phone Awards

The blackjack phone has performed impressively and has been awarded top place in the hardware from the smart phone/ PDA category from CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association). It was also the winner of the comparison review between Samsung Blackjack and RIM Blackberry 8800 that was run by Cnet.