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Blackjack tournaments

Online Blackjack Tournaments – Playing in Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments are a great way for players to improve their blackjack game. Discusses blackjack tournaments and how to participate in them.

What are blackjack tournaments?

Blackjack tournaments normally consist of several playing rounds, with tables of around six players playing against each other in each round. The preferred format is usually a type of elimination format, where only one or two players from every table will continue to the next round of play.

Each round will have a predetermined number of hands and gamers start the round with the same amount of chips. When a round ends, the player(s) with the highest balance advances to the next round. A normal round is usually from fifteen to thirty hands in duration. Some tournaments prefer live money chips while others like to use non-negotiable tournament chips that has no street cash value.  Many an online casino has their own rules for tournaments and its wise to read up on their tournament rules before playing an online blackjack tournament.

A button is placed in front of the player who will be "first base" for a hand, instead of the dealer always starting to deal at the 1st seat.   The button moves around consecutively with every passing hand. This is an important rule to ensure the playing and betting order rotates with the button.  Players who are forced to bet and act early on in a round are at a disadvantage at that time.

Most tournaments will have between three and five elimination rounds. A typical tourney might have two players from each table of six continuing on from the 1st round, one player from each table of six continuing on from the 2nd round, followed by the final table. This format would allow for 108 entries at eighteen 1st round tables. Smaller tournaments often split up the first round into many qualifying rounds, which means players can re-enter for another 1st round seat, although they did not advance on their first round.

Why should I take part in an online blackjack tournament?

The prize pool for a tournament usually consists of all the players' entry fees. This means that the casino or online casino has no edge over the tournament players. As a matter of fact, the skillful player can end up having a great advantage over other less experienced tournament players.

Many casinos will go as far as paying the players to play the tournament as they will guarantee the prize pot even when the tournament does not fill up with entries.  The casino or online casino sees this as good PR, since they are attracting new gamers to the tables in between the tournament rounds. Larger tournaments often have special incentives like free food and special room rates, which allows you to save some cash on your Vegas holiday by booking it in the same time slot as a tournament. Scheduling your inevitable trip to coincide with a tournament can save you some cash and allow you a chance to play for a big money with the minimum risk.