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The five essentials when to hit, stand, double, split

Blackjack Essentials – Hit, Stand, Double, Split and Surrender

Understanding the various blackjack play options available is an important step towards increasing one's chances of winning at online blackjack.

Upon the receipt of two cards, a blackjack player at an online casino site has certain decisions to make. The player needs to choose between the options to hit, stand, double, split or surrender. In order to make this a simpler choice for the online blackjack player, it is advisable, or rather necessary, to grasp an understanding of each of the different alternatives available.

When to hit in online blackjack …

The concept of a hit in the online blackjack game means to receive an additional card.  This may be done as many times as desired unless the card total exceeds 21.

When to stand in online blackjack …

The option of standing in the game of online blackjack means that the player does not wish to receive any additional cards.

When to double in online blackjack …

When a player doubles in online blackjack, a wager equal in amount to the player's original bet is placed and the player receives one additional card only.  It should be noted that online casinos usually restrict the types of hand at which a double may be played.  At some casinos, a blackjack player may only choose to double with a 9, 10 or 11.  It is therefore recommended to read carefully the rules of the particular game before beginning to play.

When to split in online blackjack …

In the event that a player's blackjack hand contains a pair, the player may choose to split them into two separate hands. The player places an additional wager and then plays each hand individually.  Some experts would recommend always to split the cards in the event that the player has two aces or two eights.

When to surrender in online blackjack …

It should be noted that only certain hands may be surrendered.  For example, if the dealer has a blackjack the player is not permitted to surrender. In addition, if a player has already chosen to split the hand, then surrendering is not an option.  In the event that a player decides to surrender the game, half of the bet amount is returned while the other half is forfeited.

It should be noted that a player may only double, split or surrender with a two card hand.  Once the player has received an additional card, then the options open to the online blackjack gamer are to hit or to stand.

When playing blackjack at the best online casinos, there are different alternatives at each stage.  In order to make this situation simpler for the online blackjack player, certain strategies have been created.  The basic blackjack strategy may be used as a guide on how to play the hand under any circumstances.  Basically, the basic blackjack strategy directs the player withdrawing the choice element and the strategy charts advises the player when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender when playing online blackjack.