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Casino Craps

Casino Craps Dice Control

If you are serious about winning at casino craps, you must learn more on craps dice control. Here are some great casino craps dice control tips. If you are serious about winning at casino craps, you have to learn more on craps dice control. Read on for some great casino craps dice control tips.

Casino Craps Dice Control: Intro

Dice control in Casino Craps occurs when the shooter (the craps player that ‘shoot’ the dice) are thought to influence the dice score result. In this guide we will build on normal dice throwing rules, we will look at more intricate methods as well as broaden your dice shooting knowledge. Dice control can be split into two types - intentional casino craps dice control and unintentional casino craps dice control.

Casino Craps Dice Control: Unintentional dice control

Unintentional casino craps dice control is the type that you will find most often during casino craps games. This happens when craps players, mostly novices, succeed in shooting the dice in a pattern that seems more systematic than random. This can be caused by unconsciously using a particular throwing or shooting pattern, or perhaps as a result of not rolling the dice enough so that it rolls on the table. This is often times the reasons that beginner casino craps players are said to have a weird and unexplainable beginner's luck.

Casino Craps Dice Control: Intentional dice control

Intentional casino craps dice control is a whole different kettle of fish, and it background did not start with the Casino Craps game. The 1st use of the now famous dice control strategy happened in Japan 100s of years ago, when the gambling parlors in Japan used to play a dice game in which a box covered the dice. Wagers took place to try and determine the dice result, and then the gambling parlor dealer would shake the dice within the box cover. Only a tiny amount of people with truly great skill were able to develop extraordinary hearing skills to ‘hear’ where the dice stopped.

The Casino craps game uses a different strategy for dice control. Here casino craps players develop their dice throwing skills so that their hands are sensitive enough to shoot the dice, in order for it to land on the number they bet on. If you are skilled enough to be able to use this dice control Craps strategy, you will be enabling yourself to win many more casino craps games.

Casino Craps Dice Control: Theory

The theory behind Casino Craps dice control is that if you can learn how to grip the dice in the right way, and toss it at the proper angle, it will always roll in the same order, and this will greatly improve your odds of the game.

Dice control can be seen as the same type of skill you need to play pool.  Dice control does take quite a lot of practice, just like pool, but it can be very rewarding afterwards