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Free Craps

Free Craps – How to Play Free Craps

Some people just want to play craps for fun. For these ‘fun and games’ players online casino free craps are the answer.

Some people just want to play craps for fun. For these ‘fun and games’ players online casino free craps are the answer.

Free Craps: Intro

Online casinos let you play craps games, whether you prefer free craps or cash craps. You are also free to choose for how long you want to save money and hone your skills while playing free craps for fun. You should try to play ‘real craps’ at least once though as the money aspect certainly adds to the excitement.  When you are through playing free craps for fun, you can go on to win a lot of cash in the real money craps games.

Free Craps: Description & Objective

Some beginners find craps (even free craps) intimidating at times. The table (or virtual table) seems to have hundreds of lines, areas, not to mention the large variety of bets.  If you want to understand free craps as well as craps in general you have to know that this is a game of rounds. The 1st roll in a round is referred to as the Come out roll. On certain occasions the Come out roll will determine the outcome of a craps round.

In particular a two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve on the Come out roll instantly ends a round. If any other amount is thrown (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) that amount is called the Point. A white puck will be placed on the number area to show what the Point is, in case players forget. If a Point is thrown the dice will be thrown several times until the same Point number or a seven is rolled.

Free Craps: Know Your Bets

The Pass Line bet is the most important bet in Craps, almost every craps player prefers to bet on it.  The Pass Line bet is an even cash bet. You start by putting your bet on the table’s Pass Line area on a Come out roll. If the free craps Come out roll is a seven or eleven you win, which is also sometimes referred to as a “natural”. If the Come out roll is a two, three, or twelve (Craps) you lose. If any Point number is thrown on the Come out roll and the Point is thrown again before a seven you win. If a seven comes before the Point you lose. It’s as basic as that. Once you get the Pass Line wager you are ready to play free Craps. You may want to practice playing free craps a couple of times before playing for real money

Free Craps: Buying the Odds

Once some throws a Point, you may wager up to twice your Pass Line wager on the 'odds.' The odds are an extra wager that the Point number will be thrown before a seven. Because the chance of the Point being thrown 1st is less than half, you win more cash if it happens.