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Craps Place Bets

Learn About Craps Place Bets

Learn about craps place bets in order to place them quickly and easily. Craps place bets are easy to understand and are similar to the come bet.

What is a Craps Place Bet?

It is helpful to learn about craps place bets as they are fairly easy to understand and easy to place.  There are no complicated rules when learning about craps place bets.

When betting on a craps place bet, the player is betting that their chosen number will show on the dice before the 7 is thrown.  It is somewhat similar to the come bet, however, the bettors choose the number themselves from the choices available.  The six numbers available for a place bet are:  4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

A List of the Odds for the Craps Place Bet Numbers

4 and 10 - 9:5
5 and 9 - 7:5
6 and 8 - 7:6

When and Where to Place a Craps Place Bet

This bet can be placed at any time during or before a craps game.  The bet can also be removed by the bettor any time during the game.  Dealers do, however, prefer that place bets are made after the point is decided.  The dealer does not have to allow place bets to be placed before the point is decided.

The craps place bets are located above the come bet.  The numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are clearly marked inside boxes.  The numbers 6 and 9 are often written out in letters (six and nine) in order to avoid any confusion for players standing at any place around the craps table.

How Many Place Bets Can Be Made?

As shown above, the total number of place bets available to be placed is six.  The players can bet on one or all of them at any time.  One of those numbers could become the point in any given game.  The players may even bet on the point number in a place bet, as well as betting on the point number (the same number) separately.

How to Place the Place Bet on the Table

There are two options of how to make this bet.  The main way in which these bets are placed on the table is by the player putting chips into the come box and asking the dealer to place the place bet on their chosen number (or numbers).  The dealer will place the bet in a very specific location around the point box chosen.  The location chosen is based on where the craps player is standing around the table.

In very few cases, the player may place their place bet themselves.  The only time this is done is if the player would like to place a bet on the point rolled by the shooter.    The way it is done is that the player puts their chips on the pass line.  The chips need to be on the bottom of the line, and well centered so that the dealer knows that it is a place bet on the point.  Of course, it is always possible to ask the dealer to place the bet, which is often more appropriate to avoid any confusion.  Seasoned players should have no problem placing this bet themselves.