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Craps Games

Craps Games – Learning To Play Craps Games

When playing craps games, the dice travels from player to player in a clockwise fashion around the table.

When playing craps games, the dice travels from player to player in a clockwise fashion around the table. You can decide to use or decline your throw, after which the stickman will offer the dice to a player next to you.

The Flow of Craps Games

Suppose it’s your turn during craps games and you decide to shoot. When you ‘shoot’ or throw the dice, you must make either a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass bet. If you make the Pass Line bet, you and all the other players choosing the same bet are called right bettors in craps games. If you choose to make a Don’t Pass wager, you and everyone that makes this call are referred to as wrong bettors. Pass and Don’t Pass bettors are also sometimes referred to as line bettors. "Right" and "Wrong" is just the casino’s way to distinguish the 2 kinds of players.

During the come-out roll, you can be an instant winner or loser. Right bettors are instant winners during craps games if a total of a 7 or 11 (a natural) is thrown. They lose if craps are rolled– a 2, 3 or 12. Wrong bettors will lose in case of a 7 or 11, and win with a two or three.

A twelve, however, is a standoff; otherwise wrong bettors would have an edge against the house. In some craps games casinos the two is barred instead of the twelve, but the house advantage is still the same, because both of these amounts can only be made with one dice combo (1-1, or 6-6). If you instantly win or lose a come-out roll, you still keep the dice and then start a fresh come-out roll.

More Craps Games Tips

Let’s say you throw a point on the come-out roll, which will be either a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Then you continue to throw the dice until a seven or a point is thrown. As a right bettor, you will bet with the dice and will win if you repeat a point before a seven is thrown. However, you lose if a seven appears before a point. As a wrong bettor you will bet against the dice and will you win the bet if a seven is rolled before a point.

If, for instance, the point is a six, then only a six and seven decide the win or the loss for Don’t Pass and Pass bettors. All other craps games dice totals that are rolled will be neutral throws when it comes to line bettors. When a seven is thrown or the point is repeated, the ‘shoot’ is over and the next roll will be a fresh come-out roll and a new round of craps games play. You keep the dice and continue to shoot for as long as you keep winning. If you 7-out, the pair of dice goes to the next new shooter.