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Craps Pit Boss

The craps pit boss is a fixture at the craps table. It is important to understand their role.

At every craps table you' will find a craps pit boss. This individual's job is to make sure that things run smoothly at the table and also to break up any verbal sparring and settle disputes.  The pit boss is sort of the big man (or woman) charge. They are typically seated some where at the table or standing next to the table.  There position will depend on the particular casino and their rules. This person has the power to throw individuals out of the game if they are not following the rules or craps etiquette. 

It is vitally important that before you go to a casino to play craps that you understand the protocol and the rules.  This will ensure that you and everyone else will have a good time. It also will  make sure that you don't become annoying to the other players or a disturbance to the game.  If you do and you may quickly find yourself thrown out of the casino or at least the game. To make sure that things go as smoothly as possible from your end, be respectful, know the rules and then follow them.  If you do not, the craps pit boss make sure that your exit from the table is swift and certain. It is a good idea to be nice to all of the casino employees but especially those at the table, including the craps pit boss.

 A few ways to get on the craps pit boss good side is to be a respectful of the dealers, box man and stick man. Being disrespectful or rude will quickly put you on their bad side. You may also want to consider placing some bets for the dealers.  This is a nice way to a leave a tip and to ensure that the mood at the table is peaceful and jovial.  Also, because the role of the craps pit boss is to make sure that the game goes smoothly, try not to do anything that would disrupt or slow down the game.  One such thing would be placing late bets.  This simply means that you are attempting to place a bet when the dice are not in the middle of the table.  This is allowable in some cases, however, the dealer and the people at the table won’t want to have to deal with a lot of late bets.  Late bets can even be disallowed if the dealer chooses.

Also, be sure to keep drinks, food, and other belongings away from the chip rail. One way to quickly get the craps pit boss upset is to spill your food or drink all over the craps table.  Not only will he or she be upset but likely the other players at the table.

Therefore, remember to always be courteous, learn the rules of the game as well as the etiquette so that you're not disruptive and you're don’t slow down the game.  If you do these things you should have no problem with the craps pit boss.

Again, the craps pit boss is the person who's in charge of the table. There job is to make sure that the games run smoothly.  They are also there to handle any disputes between players or between the players and the dealers.