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Craps Tournaments

Your Guide to Online Craps Tournaments

Online craps tournaments can be great fun and offer some excellent prizes. Let’s look at what strategies you can use to win at online craps tournaments.

Online Craps Tournaments: Intro

You will find various online casinos that offer exciting craps tournaments. These online craps tournaments vary from free entry contests to some competitions that charge more than hundreds of dollars entry fee.

If you want to become better at playing craps tournaments, you need to become acquainted with some of the best craps tournaments strategies, and you will find this info on this page.

Online Craps Tournaments: Changing how you play craps

When you decide to take part in online craps tournaments, it is important for you to alter your craps tournament strategy from the way you normally play conventional online craps.  You have to therefore realize that you are playing a different game and are now competing against the other players in the tournament and not against the house, like usual. When you consider the craps odds, and see that it is roughly the same, you will realize that you have to know and be familiar with every online craps wager before you try out the tournament.

Online Craps Tournaments: Prizes

Prizes will affect your craps tournament strategy and the prizes for these online craps tournaments always vary. It’s common logic that the craps tournaments with the large entry prices will be able to offer larger stakes and prizes. These craps tournaments prizes can be expected to become bigger and bigger as online craps tournaments become more popular.  It is common today to see major craps tournaments being played for over 100 000 dollars in first prizes. When you play in a free or low cost online craps tournament, you can afford to use a less cautious tournament strategy, and bet slightly larger sums. When playing in bigger and more important craps tournaments, you should think about every bet and keep in mind that larger tournaments draw better craps players

Online Craps Tournaments: Short term strategies

An important craps rule is to always try and play with a shorter term tournament strategy, because here you must make certain set amount in a short time frame. If the online tournament has many players, it will have several rounds, and the top 3 players of each hour will move up to the next tournament stage.

The online craps tournament winner is the craps player that reaches the highest level with the biggest amount of cash. Some tournaments will only award a top prize to the top winner while other craps tournaments spread the prize between the top 2 or 3 players. You should review this matter as well as the tournament rules and regulations before you agree to take part in any craps tournament.