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Pass Line

Understand the Pass Line Bet

In order to understand the pass line bet, a basic understanding of craps is needed. Betting on the pass line is a good bet for beginners to make.

Introduction to Craps Betting

The new craps player may think that craps is a very confusing game.  In reality, it only looks confusing, and when broken down into parts, it is quite simple and easy to learn and to play.  There are many types of bets that can be placed at a craps table.  As a beginner, there is no reason to feel intimidated by the number of types of bets available because many of them have bad odds for the player.  The best bet for a beginner to learn and to use is the pass line bet.

Understand the Pass Line Bet - A Basic Introduction to Craps Dicing

In order to understand the pass line bet, it is necessary to understand how the dice are used in a craps game.

The shooter will throw two dice.  Two dice are always used for each throw. The number that is used is the total of both die.

The pass line bet is won if the shooter throws either a seven, or an eleven on the come out roll - the first roll that they throw.

The pass line bet is lost if either a two, three, or a twelve are thrown as the come out roll.

A point number is created if the shooter throws any number other than two, three, seven, eleven or twelve.  The point number could be either a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten.  The dealer (always a casino employee) will put a marker in the box containing the number that has become the point number.  Whichever number became the point number, let's say five (made up of either two and three or four and one), now becomes an important number in the game.  Once a point number has been thrown, the shooter needs to keep throwing the dice until either the same point number (five in our example) is thrown or a seven is thrown.

If the shooter throws a seven before a five (or whichever number became the point number in that round), a new shooter begins throwing the dice for a new round.  The marker marking the point number is removed and the new round begins with a new come out roll.

How to Place the Pass Line Bet

On the craps table layout, there is a space marked "pass line".  When placing bets, they need to be placed before the new shooter rolls the dice, or after the shooter has made his point.  The bet placed must meet the minimum bet required for the table being played at.

Winning the Pass Line Bet - A Summary

An initial seven or eleven is rolled.

After a point number has been created, if the shooter manages to roll the point number again before a seven is rolled, the bet is won.

Losing the Pass Line Bet - A Summary

An initial two, three, or twelve is rolled.

After a point number has been created, if the shooter rolls a seven before the point number is rolled again, the bet is lost.