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Online Craps

Play Online Craps

It is easy to set up a game of online craps. Play online craps from the comfort of your own home and the most economical use of your time.

Choices - Online Craps or Land-Based Casino Craps

There are always two options of where to play craps games.  One is to go into a land -based casino and play there.  The other, more preferable for many, is to play online craps games.

There are many advantages to playing craps online.  Read on to find out more.

- You don't have to get dressed up to go out.  You can wear your most comfortable clothes because no-one can see what you are wearing when sitting at your computer.

- Playing online craps is very good for beginners who still need to understand how the complex craps betting works.

- Online tutorials are available to those who want to learn to play online craps.  Many of these tutorials will take the player through all aspects of the game step-by-step.

- Free games are available, and they are never available in land-based casinos.

- The player can come and go while they are attending to other things at home.  When at a land-based casino, there is nothing else to do, except what the casino offers.

- There is no outside pressure from other players to keep playing even when the player feels they have reached the limit of their bankroll for the gaming session.  At a land-based casino, there may be no direct pressure, but players can get very caught up in the excitement, and play "just one more bet" over and over again when they should pack up their winnings or cut their losses and go home.

- For those that do not have a land-based casino nearby, online casinos can be played in anywhere, as long as the player has a decent internet connection.

- Players who only have a short time to devote to playing craps may prefer to play online craps.

Useful Information Regarding Downloading Online Craps

When a player chooses to play online craps, there are a couple of options regarding downloading.  When playing free games, players often choose not to download software onto their computers as they would like to decide if they are happy with the game they are playing, or the specific casino they are playing in, before doing so.  Almost all casinos will offer free online craps, amongst other games, through a web interface.  This option ensures that the player does not have to download any software in order to play.  However, it may mean an upgrade of existing software, such as Flash if the computer does not have the latest version installed.  The web interface option is an excellent option for those playing on a computer that is not their own.

After some time practicing, the player will be ready to play for real money.  In order to do so, downloading software from a specific casino is usually the way that this is done.  When downloading software, it is usually very user friendly, and therefore easy for the layman to do.  Online craps players do not have to be computer experts in order to begin play.

The initial setup of a casino, including downloading and signing in for the first time could take a bit of time.  Players should ensure that they have the time to do this before beginning.