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Download Craps

You can download craps software to improve your game and also to play craps online

If you decide to play craps online, you will generally need to download craps software. Casinos will use different types and brands of software. When considering places to play, it is important that you spend a little time to ascertain whether or not a particular website’s software is up to par. Poor software will make it difficult and even frustrating to play. It might be slow, have glitches and be limited in its functionality. You should consider the following before you decide whether or not to use and download craps software:

  1. Stats Capabilities: When looking to download craps software, take a look at their stats capabilities. Software can be a great tool e to sharpen your game. Having a history of how you fared, your rolls, wins and losses can help you improve and make better decisions. The more robust the software is, the more stats it will keep and display.
  2. Speed: Your better craps software will be fast. This means that you don’t have to wait for long stretches of time for the software to respond based on the actions of the players. It can be pretty frustrating, not to mention time consuming to roll your dice and then have to wait 10 seconds before the screen corresponds with your action. Speed should be a very important consideration when you are looking to download craps software.
  3. Graphics: One of the coolest things about playing craps and other casino games online is that the graphics are so realistic looking. There are some really good software packages that are really nice.  While you will not confuse your online experience for Atlantic City or Las Vegas, nice software can make it much more fun to play.
  4. Size: Before you start downloading software, check and see how large the files are. If you don’t have much room on your computer then you may want to forgo downloading craps software all together. Instead, find craps games that allow you to play on the host casino’s server.
  5. e. Additional Games: The vast majority of software that allows you to play craps will have many other casino games. Therefore, you can play other games if you get bored or simply want to change things up. You may also be able to find some craps game simulators online. These will likely only have craps games. 

These types of software generally are designed to help you improve your game and may also be able to track certain stats. They also can help you make better choices based on probabilities. If you are a serious craps player, you may want to consider using this type of software.

If you are a brick and mortar casino craps fan then you will be happy to know that you can download craps games right from your computer absolutely free. When choosing a craps software consider the size of the download, what additional games they offer, graphics, speed and stats capabilities. You will have tons of choices, choose software that works best for you.