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Craps Box Man

Craps Box Man: What is A Craps Box Man and What Do They Do?

Many people who are new to casino craps games may feel a bit intimidated by the employees permanently seated around the craps table. One of these persons is the craps box man.

If you have ever played craps at a casino, then you have probably noticed at least four casino employees seated around and running the table. They include the dealer, stickman, floor man and the box man. In this article, we will discuss the role of the craps box man.

The craps box man has a number of responsibilities. They are often executives of the casino and their job is to supervise the craps table and handle disputes between the dealer and players. They are also in charge of the chips.

They will usually sit next to the chips and the stickman. Checking the die and keeping an eye out for crooked or damaged die is also part of their job description. Below, we will take a look at the duties of the Craps Box Man more closely:

The Craps Box Man Will:

Supervise the Craps Table: The Craps Box Man basically acts as the table’s supervisor. They will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that all play is fair.

Handle Disputes:  Inevitably, there will be disputes. Combining money, gambling and alcohol and there are bound to be some disagreements. The Craps Boxman at the table will quell any arguments between the players and the dealer.

Be In Charge of the Chips (Money): The Boxman is in charge of the chips. They will keep a careful watch over them. He or She will also exchange cash for casino chips.

Check The Die: The Boxman will check the die every now and then to make sure that they are not damaged or crooked.

The Craps Box Man may also assist players by providing them with a Player Card. These cards are used by the casino to track comps. These are the freebies that are generally reserved for high rollers (those that spend the big money). If you are playing with your spouse, you may be able to get a combined Player Card which will allow you to become eligible for these goodies much faster.

You often have to go through the Box Man to get these cards. They will often insure that you get good service and that you are given all of the information that you need about a particular game.

 The Player Cards also have other benefits besides just getting free stuff.  They provide you with better records when it comes to tax time. The cards will track your losses. While you winnings are taxed, you can deduct your losses from your winnings. Your Player Card will have this information for you.

While there generally is only one Boxman at a craps table, there may be two. Whether or not there is more then one depends on how big the table is and the number of people playing. If the table is large or there are a large number of participants, it may be necessary to have more then one Boxman at the table.

If you have any concerns, have a dispute with the dealer, want a Player’s card or need to exchange your chips for money, the Boxman at the table will be able to help you. Again, they are generally seated right between the chips and the stickman. They are readily available for all players so feel free to engage them if you have a relevant question, request or concern.