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Craps Stickman

The craps stick man handles the bets, calls out the rolls and gives the dice back to the shooter.
During a casino craps game there are several casino employees present at the table. One of these individuals is known as the craps stickman.  He or she is the person who calls out the rolls and also gives the dice back to the shooter (the person rolling the dice).  They also place bets for persons interested in getting in on the action and also pay out bets.  The proposition bets are handled by the craps stick man.

It is important for players to make sure that the craps stickman is aware of them before they begin throwing their chips in. It can slow down the game and make things frustrating for everyone at the table if the craps stick man has to figure out whose bet is whose and chase checks. You don't want to be an annoyance to the other players or any of the casino employees.  It is best to follow the rules and the protocol so that the game goes as smoothly as possible and so that there are no unnecessary disputes.

There is craps table etiquette.  This is very important for all players to abide by. It is nearly as important as following the rules.  It is a good idea to sit back and watch everyone for a little bit before you begin participating so that you get the opportunity to take everything in and also so that you get the chance to learn the protocol. Watch closely and see how people are expected to react and respond to the various persons at the table, including other players and the employment.  You can always use the Internet to do some research if you have absolutely no idea how to act at a craps table.

Some common rules that must be followed which new players may not be familiar with, include how to handle the dice.  Individuals who are playing in a craps game cannot hold or touch the dice with more than one hand. The dice can also not be taken pass the edge of the table.  If you need to change hands when handling the dice, set them on the table and then pick them up with your other hand.  You may not be able to change hands at all.  You will want to ask the stick man or another employee at the table before you make a move.  You also should be very respectful towards everyone at the table.  This includes both players and employees.

The gambling stickman is the casino employee at the craps table who ultimately controls the pace and action at the table.  They will wait until all bets are wagered and then they will push or give the dice to the shooter and then play will begin. Again, be sure to be courteous to everyone at the table, including the stick man. If you have any problems or disagree with a call, then speak with the craps stickman or craps box man. They will be able to bring resolution to the problem.