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Craps Game Guide

Craps Game Review

What is Craps?

Craps is a dice game played at traditional as well as online casinos. Gamblers may recognize the game simply by the rowdy and energetic activity around a craps table. While craps may initially seem to be a highly complex game because of the sometimes incomprehensible terms and words used by the more experienced players, the fact is that this is one of the simpler games to learn and understand at casinos.

Where did Craps Originate?

A popular theory regarding the origin of craps has it that 12th Century English knights entertained themselves with a game called Hazards. This game was part and parcel of popular Medieval English culture and many references to Hazard can be found in common texts of the time. The French, however, were responsible for giving Craps its name in the 1600s and ‘Crabes’ surged in popularity throughout Europe. The game finally made its way to the shores of the United States and was granted official status with a set of rules written in the early 1900s by John H. Winn.

What is Online Craps?

Despite the virtual nature of the online gambling industry, it is not uncommon to find players from any country in the world ‘gathered’ around an online craps table and enjoying the game. Online casinos offer players the opportunity to learn the game through free software and, thanks to online chat rooms, players can connect with other craps fans from around the globe. In addition, online gambling sites offer players one of the most exciting entertainment options in the business – craps tournaments. These competitions allow players to take part in exciting, fast-paced gaming and also stand in line to win lucrative prizes.

What is the Objective of Craps?

The craps table is easily recognizable due to its unique layout and customized features. The game is played around this table, with players gathered around it – either physically at a land-based casino, or at online sites. The game is played against the house and all players need to do is wager on the outcome of the two dice that are thrown across the table. There are a variety of unique betting variations connected to craps, which players need to place before the dice are thrown. Once the outcome of the dice are determined, any winning players are paid out their due.

How Does one Bet on Craps?

While the objective of craps is easy enough to understand, players need to develop a good understanding regarding the various betting options of this game. Essentially, players can wager in two different ways on a craps table. They can either predict the outcome of an immediate throw, or they can predict the outcome of the dice over a series of throws. Once players recognize the different options, they will be able to get down to playing some serious craps!