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Best Keno Bets

Win More and Lose Less in Keno

Keno is basically a game of chance. As you have equal chances of winning and losing, look for keno strategies to maximize your wins on keno bets.

Keno - The basics

Keno is a game of playing the lottery. As it is purely a game of chance, you can win big money even on small bets. In the Keno Race round, you can start playing the game by selecting spots between four to ten numbers in the number range of 1 to 80. For example you can play six spots when you choose six numbers. Begin with a keno card, mark the keno ticket and simply hand it over to the cashier. You will be returned back a keno ticket with selections on it. After receipt of the duplicate card by you, 20 numbers will be selected at random for a source of 80 balls with numbers. By this way, you can get as many numbers as possible. You can win more money by getting more numbers. By this way, it is possible to win as much as $30,000 just from $1 wagered ticket.

Keno - Strategy

In a game of chance like Keno, you have to learn many things and strategize to play the game. You should be prepared for losses. There are some variables that can be controlled by you. You can control the numbers that are picked as well as the amount of numbers chosen. You can also control the bets on Keno card. Way bets are offered by the casinos for adding bets to the card. There actually there is no real strategy, you can have better of outcome by combining the bets. By adopting the above way, the minimum bet can be brought down to a lower amount. Best keno bets give you fun and also responsibility.

Keno Odds

You can increase your wins by understanding keno odds. By learning the know odds and house percentage, you can play with best keno bets and win more money. Mostly people avoid understanding Keno odds, because of its complicated mathematics. In reality, Keno odds are easy to grasp when they are dissected into different parts. There are three factors essential to learn about Keno odds. They are house percentage, ticket price, payoff by the casino for the ticket. Normally casinos are in an advantageous position over the players. To put it simply, suppose a casino has 10% edge fixed over the players. That means that when the player places $100 on bet, it does not mean that the player is going to lose $10 immediately. Though the player may finish the gambling day with $1000 earning, over a larger period of time, the casino will earn 10% edge from the money put by players in the game. The time may be a month, six months or even a whole year, but ultimately the casino will get 10% from the accumulated games through the players’ bet. As per the Keno rule casino earns back the house edge over a period of time. Hence, to lose less and win more play the best keno bets by focusing on the lowest house advantage. Look for bets that offer your best keno odds.