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Keno Payouts

Keno Payouts FAQ

Understanding keno payouts are an essential part of understanding how to play online keno. Keno payouts are the reason why we play the game – that chance of winning. That being said, we tend not to think too much about the make up of the payouts themselves; so in case you were wondering, here's the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

What are Keno Payouts?

Keno payouts, refer to the amount that you will win should you're chosen numbers appear. Thus, any win you have at keno is a keno payout.

Are Keno odds different in different casinos?

As with most casino games each casino will have a different payout percentage; this means that the average amount paid out per annum by that casino may be more or less than another. However, usually a casino will be particularly strong in some games and weaker in others. Thus, keno payout percentages will differ from casino to casino, and the key is to find the online casino with the best keno payout percentages.

Are online keno payouts better than land based keno payouts?

For the most part, online casinos will always have better payouts than land based casinos for the simple fact that the online version has far fewer expenses than the land based one. However, there is one major exception to this rule and that's the video keno machine. The video keno machine is in general the only form of land based keno that can compete with the online game. The reason for the good payouts on the video keno is again because of lack of overheads, but also because of the speed of the game.. 

How do I know what a casino's keno payouts are?

Most reputable casinos will make their payout percentages widely available. The casino will calculate their payout percentages every quarter, or every year and will have independent auditors to do this. Some casinos will display these results in an easy to find place on the site, but most will not. If the casino does not display them, then you can contact the support staff and request that information.

What do keno payouts look like?

Keno payouts will be presented in a percentage. For example a keno payout percentage may be 97% or 90%. This percentage refers to the amount the casino pays out on average for each dollar wagered. The easiest way to figure this out in real terms is to think about it as a dollar; thus in a 97% payout casino, on average 97c would be paid out for each dollar wagered. This is for the payout percentage. However, the specific game payouts will appear most likely in a table, something like this:

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