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Online Keno Game

How Does an Online Keno Game Work?

Understanding what an online keno game is and how an online keno game works.

Online Keno Game - The Game Itself

Keno itself originated in China centuries ago, and the online keno game is simply a natural progression of that game. The basics of the game are that you must predict which numbers will be chosen out of 80 – in this way it is kind of like a lottery played with a bingo card. The reason for saying this is that the regular and the online keno game presents players with a card of 80 numbers; on this card you must choose a specific amount of numbers; usually between 10 and 20. In order to pick a number in an online keno game you simply click on the number; if you don't like your choice you can click again to deselect it.

Once you have chosen the numbers that you wish to bet on you can make your bet. In an online keno game this bet could be anything from a cent to a hundred dollars; most games are of the smaller stake variety, but you should know that there is a large scope out there. Once bets are laid, the process of choosing out of the 80 numbers is begun. In a land based keno game this is done through a tumbler style contraption with the balls in, and one by one balls are randomly chosen out.

As of yet the online keno game doesn't exist in live dealer format and therefore there is no actual ball selection in the online keno game but rather a random choice of numbers which will often be represented visually by the choosing of balls. Once all the numbers have been chosen the casino will be able to determine instantaneously if you have won or not and will make a payment to you where necessary.

Online Keno Game - RNG

So you understand the game play, but what about the actual mechanics of the game; how does the game itself work? Well as we said, with an online keno game there is not actually any physical balls, but rather a system will be used to select the outcome, that is used by all online casino games – the random number generator. A random number generator is a system by which a completely random sequence of numbers is spat out; these sequences are then used by different games to represent their results. Traditionally it's spinning reels, a wheel and a ball, or in the case of keno 80 physical balls that produce random results but in the online world these can not exist in reality and thus the RNG steps in to make those results. For the purposes of the playing of a game, those results are displayed in a traditional means – for keno that's balls coming out of a tumbler.