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Play Keno Online

How to Play Keno Online

It's very easy to play keno online; with a step by step keno site guide you'll be playing in absolutely no time at all. In order to play keno online you just need to take care of a couple of very basic factors. First of all you need to know where to play keno online, and then you need to know how to play keno online.

Where to Play Keno Online

In comparison to other casino games, like blackjack and roulette, keno is a fairly new game, at least to the western world that is true. In the East keno has been played for centuries; however in America and Europe, it isn't as common as other games that you'll find. That being said, you will see an increasing amount of casino suites offering keno and today over 85% of online casinos offer keno in at least one format of the game.

Therefore, in order to decide where to play keno, you must of course select an online casino that offers it, but in doing so you should look for a couple of other factors. For example, does the casino offer keno play in download or flash mode; does it offer you the one you want? Equally, are you able to play keno for free or is it only real money keno that is offered? Additionally you may like to consider such things as tutorials and games guides – does the site offer these things for keno play. Finally, does the site offer bonuses for use with keno, and if so what are the wagering requirements? It is a good idea to compare these different factors in different casinos because they can vary quite dramatically and it's simply a shame to settle for a site that doesn't fulfill all your requirements.

Therefore, where to play keno online is simple – the place that offers you the best online keno options. All casinos should provide you with the information your require; if you can't find out from the site itself then go to the faq section.

How to Play Keno Online

If finding where to play keno online was easy, then figuring out how to play keno online is even easier. You will choose your online keno site and you will choose download or flash play, and free play or real money casino play accordingly. You will then go to the games lobby and select the keno game. The site itself will lead you very clearly through what you need to do, but basically you will see your keno card in front of you, on which you will make your number selections by clicking the numbers you require. You will then make your bet and see some kind of simulation of the balls getting mixed around and then selected. Once all the balls have been selected you will see them all on your screen and the casino will automatically let you know if you've won or not and make payouts accordingly – it's really that easy.