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Keno Tournament

Play Keno Tournaments for Fun or Money

In a keno tournament, the players play each other without any sort of betting.

Keno Tournament Rules

All the players in the tournament are given the same amount of money. They have to bet it over a period of time. For example, 30 minutes of time that may be used within one week. They can choose the timings- either a few minutes each day or they can do it all in one day. The winners will not be given any money but recorded only. However at the end the player who has accumulated the maximum points will be judged as the winner and will receive his lot in the prize money of the keno tournament.

Where to Play a Keno Tournament

Keno tournaments can be played in any casino offering these games. Apart from the signing up fees, the online casinos will not demand any fees. The land-based casinos may charge an entry fee. Considering the beauty of the game, these charges are not going to trouble you. 

Money to Spend at a Keno Tournament

The amount you can spend varies from person to person. However, you must bear it in mind that there is a point-weighting system in place, where if you are playing a more complicated ticket, there are chances of getting more points/ fictitious money.

What to do if I Win a Keno Tournament?

There is no need for you to keep the money you won in a keno tournament. The organizers will keep track of your winnings. To keep yourself with the winning habits in a keno tournament, you have to try your luck at regular intervals. A new player will easily get the betting techniques right if he is playing the keno tournaments regularly.

For the Novice

The casinos engaging in keno tournament may use different systems to distinguish regular casino cards and tournament cards. At times, real keno games are played together with tournament games and one does not have to confuse with the regular tickets and the tournament tickets. These confusions occur only to a novice and he will soon catch up with all these technical matters and be absorbed in the game.

The Jackpot

While playing a keno game you should have the killing instinct with you and the desire to win the jackpot. At the same time you should be aware of the fact that you cannot take the money with you, as it is fictitious. There is no doubt that your victory in the tournament means you won the jackpot. Keno tournaments are for the brave and if you feel that there is no chance for you to get the jackpot, then there is no need for you to stick there and waste your time. You should have the vision and the guts to get there.

If you have a lot of courage and a bit of luck, who knows, you may win the keno tournament, and go out with the jackpot.