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How to Win at Keno

a Guide to How to Win at Keno

A few hints as to how to win at keno could go a long way to keeping you in the money.

If anyone tells you that there's a sure fire tactic to winning at keno, they're lying! Keno is a game of chance; you have 80 balls, of which a certain number are chosen. Each game is an individual event and each ball choice is an independent event. It makes no difference what the last ball that came out was, and it makes no difference what were the winning balls on the last game; each numbered ball has an equal chance of being chosen.

Thus, when thinking about how to win at keno you need to identify the areas of the game that you can control. We've already established that you can't control the balls, and thus your prediction of them. What you can control however is your betting and your money.

How to Win at Keno - Control Your Betting and Your Money

Controlling your betting is a great tip for how to win at keno. There are two means of controlling your betting. First of all you can control how often you bet; secondly you can control how much you bet. How much you bet is how much you wager on each card. Most online casinos will have minimums and maximums, and that's fine but you must be sure to choose the limits you play with according to you own bankroll. When choosing how much to bet with, it is wise to calculate how many games you could play with at that rate; you will probably win something along the way which will elongate your playing time, but none the less you should go in with a good idea of your playing period.

For example if you have $20, there's no point in playing $5 each game – if you don't win anything you get only 4 games and your done. Secondly, you can control how often you bet. This means that you don't have to play every game; you could play a set number an hour, day or even a week. Remember that if you don't have money, you can't play, thus the best way of how to win at keno is to always have bankroll to play with; this is achieved by being sensible and pacing yourself.

How to Win at Keno - Never Follow Your Gut

Always remember that keno is a game of chance – your gut has no way of knowing what will and won't come up! That being said, if you have money to burn, and a strong feeling, there is nothing more exciting than playing an intuition bet. Just remember that this is a means of excitement that may win, not a way of winning with extra excitement.

Follow these logical steps towards how to win at keno and you will find yourself playing more in the long run, and thus giving yourself the opportunity to win more in the long run.