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Keno Lounge

Management of a Keno Lounge

Keno is played in a Keno Lounge inside a casino

About the Keno Lounge

You need to know about the concept of a keno lounge by studying the difference between casino keno and online keno while playing the keno games. You have to apply your skills and knowledge of keno at the keno lounge in the recommended casinos. A keno lounge offers a better house percentage and player bonuses to attract more players. The main difference of Keno with other gambling games lies in lounge. Just like bingo, playing keno also requires a lounge room and better seating facilities. The lounge should facilitate the generation of random numbers and offers better results to many people.

Entering a Keno Lounge

As soon as you enter a casino and visit a keno lounge, it is very important for you to look for lots of couches or seats. Usually the area of  the keno lounge is well separated and distinguished from other areas of the casino, by using a glass partition. In some of the casinos, a plastic bowl is arranged to drop the marked numbered boards into the hopper. Otherwise, random computerized number generators are used for more comfort. Usually, a keno lounge in a live casino contains a big board containing lighted digital numbers or a video screen displaying winning numbers once they are dropped from drum into hopper. In some keno lounges at casinos, many video screens are used instead of using a single board to broadcast results of fictional keno races after the draw. The keno lounge at most of the casinos use video monitors to quickly display results of winning races for the entire establishment. With this facility, a person playing some other game can conveniently place keno bets at the keno lounge.

Activities at keno lounge

To provide better service to the players who resort to multi tasking activities during their gambling, casinos recruit keno runners. They are used to deliver the marked tickets to the customer service desk or a keno writer’s cage located in the keno lounge. The Keno runners at the Keno lounge return the players with their computerized ticket and enquire whether they would wish to play keno again. The keno runners and gambling waiters available at the keno lounge sell ticket slips and then take their tickets in the keno lounge. Efficient handling by the staff at the keno lounge prevents long line-ups and crowds at the keno counter. The keno lounge is an important part of the casino.

Marking the Keno Ticket in the Keno Lounge

After the players enter the keno lounge, they will be supplied with markers or ‘keno crayons’, the writing instruments which make indelible marks on the keno ticket slips. Some elegant casinos and traditional casinos use India ink and brushes for making spots on the tickets. The ink helps the staff at the keno lounge to verify the selected number to avoid any confusion or dispute regarding winning numbers. If the keno lounge does not have the above items, you can bring your own material to facilitate the process of tracking the winning numbers.