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Video Keno

A Beginners Guide to Video Keno

Video keno is the newest addition to the video gaming industry which already includes the ever popular video slot and video poker.

What is Video Keno?

Video Keno looks very similar to a slot machine or video poker machine, because just like these two games, it's a stand alone machine for a single player. Like poker, keno is a game that is traditionally played in a physical environment that many can play at the same time. The video version of keno, like video poker, takes the principles of the game and puts it into an electronic format that an individual can play on his own terms.

The Aim of Video Keno

Like the land based game; the aim of video poker is to predict which of 80 numbered balls are going to be selected, in this case by the machine. You will have 1-80 numbers to pick from, and will be able to choose a set amount. Once your selection is made, the machine will pick a set number out of the 80 available – if you predicted correctly you win. There will be different payouts depending on how many correct selections you made, and which bet you made.

How to Play Video Keno

To get started, you must choose the type of bet you wish to make; most commonly this will be the choice of Max. Bet, usually 3 or 4 coins, or Bet One, 1 coin. You will then have to select the numbers that you wish to bet on. The number of coins that the machine will accept, their denomination, the number of numbers you can choose, and the number of numbers selected by the machine will all vary between different makes of video keno machine and different games, but all of this information will be marked clearly on the machine itself. If for example, you are playing on a video keno machine that allows 10 number choices, you simply chose 10 of the numbers that you require by selecting them on the board; if you want to change your choice you can re-click on a number and this will deselect it.

Next you must decide how many games you wish to play. You can play a single game at a time, putting in more coins and selecting new numbers each time, but many players find this to be time consuming and not useful. Therefore you will see options for different game amounts, e.g. Play One, or Play Ten. There will be several of these buttons on the machine, and you simply hit the one you want.

At this point, the game begins, and your work is done. The computer will randomly choose numbers and will show them as balls being selected that will then gravitate towards that number; if it matches one that you chose there will be some kind of sign, for example, it will illuminate or flash. Any winnings you have will be paid out, and the next game will begin.