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Daily Keno

Bet and Win with Daily Keno

If you play Daily Keno, you get the opportunity of winning a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $100,000 on dollar play.

How to Play Daily Keno

For playing the game, get a Daily Keno playslip from your retailer and just complete it. Fill the playslip by selecting the numbers to be played by you or the amount of spots. It should be at least and not more than 10. Choose the amount you wish to play on a game, up to $20. Then, either you can pick the numbers up to 80 yourself, or allow the computer to quickly pick any random numbers. Your own numbers should be equal to the number of spots marked on the pay slip. For example, 5 spots should be equal to 5 numbers. Do not forget to indicate the number of days or games in a row that you want these numbers played. You can buy these tickets 7 days in advance. You can calculate the amount you have to pay your retailer by multiplying the total number of days with the amount of your bet. You can collect the winnings of a day in the following morning. For the remaining days, you will also be receiving an exchange ticket.

Daily Keno - Game Participation

In Keno Clubs, for every 5 minutes, there are drawings in the fast, funny and continuous action game. It is easy and exciting to play the game. The game offers a wide range of cash prizes. A $1 wager can take you to the top of $100,000 prize. You can win the Keno Clubs by matching either some or all the numbers you have selected to the drawn numbers. You can win more by matching more numbers.

Winnings in Keno Clubs

For participating in the game you have to complete a selection slip according to the instructions and enter your selection in the draw. Submit the selected slip to the retailer for further processing through the online system. Alternatively you can also request the retailer to opt and play Quick Pick on your behalf and pay the applicable price.

Selection with slip

Before each draw, the selection slip with one or more boards will be publicly made available by the Corporation. As per instructions on the selection slip, you have must choose your play category as well as the numbers to be played. You can also use the selection slip to request Quick Pick play by marking play category, amount wagered per draw and the total number of selected draws for each board. The retailer will communicate about the player’s selection to the Corporation. After this you will receive through the Corporation a receipt for the payment, record of selected number, the dates of draw, unique identification number and indication of the wagered amount.