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Keno rules

Learning Keno Rules – Learning How to Play Keno

The rules of keno can change slightly depending on if you are playing land based keno or online keno. However, the basics of keno remain largely the same.

Marking your Keno Card

  • Take your keno card.
  • Know what the maximums and minimums of the keno institution you are playing in. some online keno sites will allow you to mark 15 numbers, some 10 – it varies.
  • The number of numbers you chose are called "spots", you hope that they will become "hits". The number of keno spots you choose determine the number you are playing – if you choose 8 number, you have 8 spots, and that's the number you're betting on.
  • To mark your keno spots, simply take the keno crayon and mark an "x" over the number you require.

Making your Bet

  • Take your marked keno ticket to the keno desk. Some land-based keno places will have runners who will do this for you.
  • The keno clerk will take your ticket and your wager
  • You are wagering on the number of keno spots you marked on your ticket. If you marked 10, you're betting on 10 coming up.
  • The amount of your wager can vary and will usually be multiples of the house limit which these days is usually $1.
  • The keno clerk will give you a receipt; a duplicate of the keno ticket.

Finding the results

  • Once you have laid your bet, you simply need to relax until the keno balls are drawn.
  • 20 balls will be pulled out of the keno barrel, one at a time.
  • The numbers of the keno balls pulled out will be displayed on keno boards around the casino floor.

Your Winnings

  • Winnings vary from keno casino to keno casino and you will have to check the payout structure of the payout casino.
  • Basically though, your winnings will depend on how much you bet and how many of your keno spots became keno hits.
  • If you think you have a winning ticket, you approach the keno clerk and show them your ticket.
  • If you do have a keno win, the casino will pay out depending on that particular keno institution's payout structure.


Most keno casinos will offer a number of different options for the type of ticket you buy, and many keno players and online keno players choose not to buy just one ticket at a time – buying bulk saves time and effort. "Multi-race Keno" is one such variation, where you can enter a number of games at one time i.e. you can pay once for the next 20 games. Another variation is different colored keno games. With the same casino space, 2 games can be offered simultaneously, with separate balls and boards. In this way, you could play just red keno, or just green keno, but you could lay bets on both at the same time, thereby getting double play for your time.