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Free Online Keno

Why Play Free Online Keno

The choices that you will find for online keno play may include free online keno play; free means playing the game for no money – what is the point?

There are two major questions surrounding the logic behind free online keno: What's in it for the player? And what's in it for the casino?

Why Would a Casino Offer Free Online Keno

There are a couple of reasons why a casino will offer its customers free online keno. First of all, it gets people through the doors; the logic being that if you attract players with a free game they will also play on the real money games. Secondly, the more people come through the doors, the more advertising they get because the more people have seen their site. Additionally, free online keno like all free online games are important in offering a full casino service. The advantages for the player of playing free online keno are plentiful, and thus, the offering of it will secure players who will learn the game through free play, and then be loyal to the site for real money keno play.

What Does Free Online Keno Offer the Player

First and foremost, keno isn't the most well known game, and whilst it is growing very rapidly in popularity it is probably not a game that many people grew up with. Thus, keno is a game that people need to learn how to play. If you have ever gone to any games guide for advice on learning a game, it will tell you to read the rules but then to play for free in order to get the practice in, before playing for real money. In this way, it is hugely advantageous for new players to play free online keno in order to get up to speed with how the game works, thus giving them the confidence and where-with-all to enter the real money game.

Another reason for playing free online keno is to assess a casino when looking for a new one. If you are a keno player and you are looking for an online venue to play in, you will find a multitude of options. The best way to choose one casino or another is to experience the casino first hand. However, if you're shopping around, you can't join and make a deposit to every casino that you quite like the look of to see if it suits your gaming needs. Therefore, free online keno will enable you to assess the casino, its layout, its game play and quality, but without actually having to commit to it.

Last but not least, keno is a great game, and whilst it can be played for money, it is also a lot of fun when played without money. Therefore if you're a bit short on cash, or if you just don't fancy spending you money on playing games, you can play free online keno, get all the entertainment from it, but endure none of the costs.