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Keno Clubs

Keno Clubs For Fun & Money

Keno Clubs are one of the popular club games. You have an opportunity of getting drawings from this continuous action game for every 4 minutes.

How to play in Keno Clubs?

You can play Club Keno by picking up to any 10 numbers, but they should be between 1 and 80. When you pay a wager, you will be paid the money prize depending upon the number of correct numbers picked up by you. There will be several electronic draws in an hour for the Keno numbers. If you are in Michigan, you can wager on each game from $1 to $20 on every game played. You can win even $2 million on just a $20 wager. On a Keno ticket, you have to choose up to 10 numbers and pay the wager. Multiply the bet by buying a kicker for an extra $1 for a wager of every $1. The Keno ticket will be scanned into the Lottery computers and then time stamped. The electronically drawn random numbers are posted on a screen of the bar. Based on the number of winning numbers picked by the player, the payouts are made to them.

What are Keno Clubs?

In Keno Clubs, for every 5 minutes, there are drawings in the fast, funny and continuous action game. It is easy and exciting to play the game. The game offers a wide range of cash prizes. A $1 wager can take you to the top of $100,000 prize. You can win the Keno Clubs by matching either some or all the numbers you have selected to the drawn numbers. You can win more by matching more numbers.

Winnings in Keno Clubs

It is very easy to see whether or not you have won the Keno club cash prize. For every 5 minutes, 20 numbers are drawn at random. Winners of each of Club Keno numbers are displayed via closed circuit TV monitor. If you miss the draw results of your purchased ticket, use the automated ticket validator located in restaurants or bars. By running the barcode on the club keno ticket by using the validator, you will be able to find out whether you have a winning ticket. You can collect the Keno Clubs’ winnings from a licensed Keno club retailer, subject to a maximum of $600. Prizes more than $600 can be claimed from the State Lottery Offices located at various places. Prizes of Club Keno game, above $100,000 can be claimed at the Lottery headquarters.

Keno Clubs - Advantages

With a $20 wager, you can win the $2,000,000 top prize. You have the facility of drawings on all the days of a week right from morning 6.05 am up to 1.45 am. Keno Clubs offer you a variety of 10 wager options. The game also offers a variety of 37 ways for you to play and win. There is a minimum charge of $1 per wager.


You get $1 extra for every $1 wagered by you. Check the kicker box on the playslip. By playing the Kicker, you can double the cost of a regular Keno Club wager. Before each Club Keno drawing, you can see the wheel spin on a monitor randomly selecting Kicker Numbers. You can multiply your prize amount by the kicker number selected by you.