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Keno strategy

Online Keno Strategy – Ways to Win at Keno

There are no obvious strategies to win at keno because it is purely a game of chance. Basic money management and sensibility are key factors to success at keno. There are games that you can manipulate the outcome of, or manipulate your results according to the likely outcome – keno isn't one of them. Anyone who tells you that there is a number strategy and number calculation that will ensure you a keno or online keno win is not telling the truth and isn't to be trusted. That being said, there are 2 types of strategy that if applied to playing keno and online keno will help you to make the most of the game. These keno strategies are: enjoy your yourself Money management

Is Fun a Strategy?

Keno is a gambling game, and when money is involved people often get stressed. However, keno is also a game made up entirely of random choices and random selections. This is the bit that people don't understand about keno, and this is what the key to making the most of the game is. It is only once you realize that you have complete lack of control over the actual keno results that you can then go on to let go and truly relax. Keno and online keno is easy to play, approachable, exciting and fun – if you treat it as anything else you are misunderstanding the game and dis-servicing your experience. If the point of a game is to have fun, which clearly keno is, you must remember to do that – so yes, "fun" is a keno strategy!

What's Money Management?

Money management is the best means that any player has of controlling his destiny in a game of chance. In this way money management skills can be applied to any game what so ever, but especially games like keno and online keno. Money Management determines the amount of money you spend, save, loose, and thus how long you get to play keno for. Whether we like or not, most of us are limited in our keno playing in one way or another by our financial situations. Money management allows you to take your available resources and use them to their best benefit. For example, when playing keno decide what the maximum bets you are prepared to pay are depending on the bankroll, or available cash you have. If you have a smaller amount of money, only make smaller bets. Many people would do the opposite, after all the bigger the bet, the bigger the payout. However, if you don't end up winning, you will simply be out on your ear quicker. The idea is to play as long as possible and make your money last as long as possible – smaller bets will achieve this. Another idea for keno money management is limiting the number of games you play in a set time. Especially with online keno, you can play a lot of games very quickly. This is fun and exciting, but what's the point, if you're left after 2 hours with nothing to play with? Surely it's better to play less for longer! These are just a couple of ideas for keno money management, but they serve well to introduce the idea or how to make the most of your money.