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Keno Bets

Different Types of Keno Bets

There are many different kinds of keno bets – standard keno bets, way keno bets, split keno bets and more. Keno is a very straight forward game and so you shouldn't worry about the different types of keno bets; however it is important to know about them, because they can change the game and the game play quite significantly. The standard keno bet is the best place to start, but have a look at the others, and when you feel that you understand them, have a go.

Standard Keno Bets

Standard keno bets are the type of bet that everyone is familiar with as the most simply type of keno bet. Standard keno bets involve marking numbers that you wish to bet on the keno card. The number of numbers that you can pick depends on the casino rules, but whatever you bet on you are hoping those numbers will come out, and the more you get correct the more your payout is.

Way Keno Bets

Whereas standard keno bets are on individual numbers, way keno bets are on groups of numbers. This is a lot more complicated to do as essentially you may be betting on several groups of numbers coming up in the same game. for example, you may select 3 small groups of 3 numbers on one card; in this case you would be betting on these groups. This means that if one number from each of the groups came up, whilst you would have gotten 3 numbers correct it wouldn't count as they are not in the same group. However, way keno bets allow you to take these groups and combine them if need be, thus actually increasing your chances and making the game play that much more fun. It is this last feature that gives Way Keno Bets their alternative name of Combined Keno Bets - because you can combine these groups.

Is it Possible to change the Keno Odds

It is not possible to change the odds of the ball draw, however many believe that it is possible to effect your odds of winning. The best way to increase your changes of winning is to study the payout table and to act in the most sensible way. For example if a casino pays out even money on 3 numbers chosen on a minimum bet but double your money on a max bet, it may be worth your while to play the max bet. In order to do this, you may have to find a keno game that allows you to play with a maximum bet that you are comfortable. This brings us to the best way of increasing your odds of winning – manage your money and make informed and sensible decisions. If you're out of cash you can't play, so going in max bets on high tables will lead to bad keno odds for you!

Split Keno Bets

Split keno bets are a means of playing essentially more than one game at a time on the same ticket. You can make your selections on your keno card as you would for a straight bet, but instead of just one set, you can make more than one set of numbers, and thus have more than one game on the go on that card.

Now that you know what the various keno bets are, the best course of action is to go to the casino and play them. Always remember that you don't have to play straight off with real money, but rather in this case it would be advisable to play the different types of bets with play money until you understand exactly what's going on with them, and you internalize how they work. Good Luck, and Enjoy!