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Keno Lottery

Understand The Rules of Keno Lottery

Before embarking yourself into playing the Keno games, you have to first of all understand the rules relating to Keno lottery. Over the years, many ways have been designed to play the keno lottery. There are different categories of lottery tickets. They are straight tickets, way tickets, split tickets, king tickets, combination tickets.

Straight Tickets

Straight tickets are the most common and basic tickets. You have to simply mark your numbers and then patiently wait the draw. First of all you have to decide about the number of spots that you wish to play. Usually you will be allowed by casinos to choose up to 15 spots. Some casinos even allow a choice of up to 40 numbers on your straight ticket. To begin with, you play with just 4 to 8 numbers. It is not worth to play below 4 spots, with the average 30% that casinos take. The more the spots chosen by you, more will be the ratio of odds of hitting all.

Amount Wagered

Secondly you have to decide about the amount wagered. Commonly straight tickets are of $1 each, though sometimes it may cost 70 cents or much lower. You have the choice of playing in multiples of the base rate. When you opt for a split ticket, you get the chance of playing two or more straight tickets on a same physical ticket. The group of numbers in each logical ticket may either be circled or just separated by a line. Each game having groups of numbers should have its unique numbers without sharing with other groups. Though there is no special advantage in split ticket, you will be able to mark two or more games on same paper. However, with split tickets, you can not make use of the same number more than one time.


Despite complications, way tickets are preferred for two reasons: convenience and fractional rates. Way tickets offer more convenience for some keno players. Multiple games can be marked on just a single ticket. Apart from this, you have the freedom to play at fractional rates, as low as 10 cents for each way, instead of playing with the usual amount of $1 that you may have to pay for a straight ticket. The payouts for both way tickets as well as multiple tickets are the same.

Avoid way tickets, if they are confusing or when you have no interest in fractional rates. With combination tickets, you have the option to combine groups of various straight bets on a single ticket in different ways by wagering a single unit for every possible combination. You can also conveniently combine way bets and straight bets on one single ticket. Ensure that the group bets on the combination ticket are clearly marked on the ticket’s right hand side. On a King ticket, you get just one number circled by itself. The number is known as King which is used by combining with other groups on a ticket. Sometimes casinos offer special tickets to promote the keno games. They should be played in a predetermined manner and the pay off should be made by using a different pay schedule. For the convenience of the player, the payout chart is marked on a special ticket itself. Special tickets offer better deals than the other routine keno tickets.