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Keno tips

Online Keno Tips – Tips for Winning at Keno

Keno is a great game both online and land-based keno, and there are tips that will help you enhance your keno gaming experience, and indeed your winnings.

Entering the casino

There is nothing like being sure of your surrounding to ensure a comfortable experience which in tern ensures a more pleasurable experience. If you are playing land-based keno then have a walk around the lounge before you sit down. Familiarize yourself with the layout, where the keno kiosks are, where the keno boards are. Most keno lounges will have the payout structure visible somewhere, check this out. Also, go to the keno kiosk and ask the cashier there for a booklet which will explain everything. This will be given to you free of charge, so take it and take some time to look through it. Equally if you are playing online keno, read the specific site rules, regulations regarding betting, minimums and maximums, bonus offers, claiming winnings etc. whether you are playing online keno or land based keno, don't start playing until you know exactly were you are, and what's going on around you.

Stay Alert

Keno doesn't require the endurance and concentration that other games do, but it is a fast moving game, and you must at all times pay attention to your game and what's going on around you. In many casinos, for example, if you don't take your winning ticket to the cashier and cash it in before the next game begins you have lost your chance to do so. The window therefore for collecting you keno winnings isn't a big one – if you miss it, it can cost you big. Equally, if you don't pay close attentions to the numbers that come out, you can end up making silly mistakes that will cost you money.

Know the Tickets

There are several types of tickets available, and the keno cashier will simply assume that you know what all of them are. If you don't, ask! There are multi-race keno tickets for example that allow you to enter a bunch of consecutive games with the same ticket. There's also walk-away keno tickets which allow you to buy a larger number of tickets for a larger number of games, but that can be walked away from, and come back to. These tickets offer very different advantages and disadvantages – do a little research and know what you're getting before you buy.

Stay in Control

In a place where things are happening fast, and money is being made quickly, like a keno lounge you must always make sure you are in control. In keno, this means knowing exactly what you're wagering on, how many games, which games, how much etc.

Have a Laugh

The best keno tip of all: Don't forget to have a giggle whilst playing; go with friends, make an evening of it – Have fun!