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3 Star Slots Strategy

3 Star Slots Strategy

The 3 star strategy at online slot machine games is played according to a pattern of bets. Some players use 3 stars slots strategy to try win at slots.

Some people insist that online slot machines are based on chance and believe that their fate lies in the hands of the random number generator (RNG). However, there are many players that prefer to play according to a particular pre-determined system or method. There are different pattern strategies that have been created for use at slot machine games at the best online casinos and the three star slots strategy is one of them.

3 star slots strategy basics …

  • The main recognizable feature of the 3 star online slots strategy is that it enables a player to remain at a particular online slot machine but presents the chance to drop to a wager in a lower amount.
  • This strategy is played at three coin slot machines.
  • The three star slots strategy involves setting a betting pattern including ten bets at each level.
  • This system uses the concept of naked pulls and naked numbers in order to protect the player's bankroll.

Explanation of naked pulls …

The naked pulls method is intended to limit losses at a particular slot game.  This is done by bringing a series of bets at a particular game to an end after a certain pre-determined amount of empty pulls.  For example, if a number of eleven naked pulls has been selected, then in the event that eleven consecutive pulls have produced nothing, then the round of gaming comes to an end.  The player then leaves the selected online slot machine.

Explanation of naked numbers …

The naked numbers method is also intended to limit a player's possible losses at a particular online slot game. This is done by bringing to an end a particular level of a series after a certain pre-determined amount of empty numbers.  As an example, the player chooses a naked number in advance.  Once the player reaches the naked number, the player's pattern of bets would then drop to a lower level and the series would be continued.

Three star slots strategy …

The three star slots strategy incorporates the use of both naked pulls and naked numbers.  For this system, the online slot gamer creates in advance a series of bets including ten bets at each level.  The player then sets a naked pulls number and naked number prior to playing the slots series.  The slot machine gamer may then play according to the pre-determined pattern, but safe in the knowledge that there is a type of protection policy out there in the form of the naked pulls and numbers in order to prevent the situation of a loss getting out of hand.  If the player reaches the naked number, then the betting level may be reduced, while in the event that the player reaches the number of naked pulls, then the betting session is ended.

It should be noted that in this strategy, a player could also jump to a higher betting level in the event of a win

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