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Fruit machines / slots what's the difference?

Difference Between Fruit Machines and Slot Machines

The difference between a fruit machine and an online slot machine, looking at traditional slot machines and the features of fruit machines.

A fruit machine is the English term for a type of casino game that is called a slot machine in America, or a poker machine in Australia. There is not really a big difference between these three types of machines, although each country has some of its own additions to the concept. In all these countries the slot machine is also sometimes called an one-armed bandit due to the way it looks and its ability to leave many a gamer penniless.

Traditional slot machines

Traditional slot machines are similar to online slot machines.  They are coin-operated machines with 3 or more reels, which spin when a button is pushed or a lever on the one side of the slot machine is pulled.  These traditional slot machines include a currency detector that validates the cash inserted to play. All slot machines pay off based on the patterns of symbols that are visible on the front of the display when it stops spinning. Modern computer chips and technology has resulted in many exciting variations on the slot machine concept, including online slots. Slot machines are by far the most popular gambling method in traditional casinos and constitute for more than half of most casino's income.

The British like calling these gaming machines fruit machines, Amusement with Prizes (AWP) or one-armed bandits. Fruit machines can commonly be found in arcades, pubs, clubs, and even some fast-food shops. These machines normally have three reels, but can be found with four or six reels, with about sixteen or twenty-four fruit pictures printed around them. The reels are spun, and if certain combinations of fruit symbols appear, prizes are paid from the machine, or sub-games start where you can win extra incentives or cash.

These machines are similar to most slot machines, but the big difference is that “fruit machines" are usually a machine found in arcades and pubs. These games are also usually m ore interesting with various extra features, sub-games and trails with chances to win cash, with a bigger sum than can normally be won from the reels.  The jackpots from these traditional fruit machines are usually strictly limited.  You also find online slots fruit machines, with larger jackpots on offer.

Fruit machine features

Most British fruit machines usually have the same features, generally activated by the player, not on a random basis.  You may have the opportunity to hold 1 or more reels before choosing to spin.  This means that the reel(s) that are held will not spin, but instead keep the result from the previous spin. This can at times help increase the chance of winning.

You may also be given a certain number nudges following a spin.  A nudge is a single-move rotation of a reel of your choice.  Currently in the United Kingdom, an individual game may not cost more than 50 pence. Fruit machines are known to pay out multiple jackpots, one directly after the other, but each jackpot win requires a fresh game to be started so as not to violate the max payout rule.  Try a fruit machine at your favorite online casino today.

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