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Slots Tips

Online Slot Machine Tips – Winning at Online Slots

Some online slot tips such as stretching your bankroll, choosing your slot machine carefully and betting the maximum when playing progressive slots.

Stretch your Bankroll

By stretching your bankroll, that is, risking less and playing longer, you are increasing your chances of hitting a winning spin. Start with a low coin size and only increase it if you are winning.

Choose your Machine Carefully

Different online slots machines will suit different players. If you are hoping to hit a jackpot, then play on a progressive machine. If you want to play for a longer period of time, but would like to win something reasonable, then try to find a machine with a modest jackpot, but with a good range of payouts on their pay table.

When Playing Progressive, Bet the Maximum

If you decide that you want to win big, play on a progressive machine. However, make sure that you bet the maximum number of coins. You cannot win the major jackpot if you have not bet with the maximum number of coins. Many players lose amazing wins because they play on progressive machines, but play with a small number of coins. If you have a small bankroll, you can still play on a progressive machine by finding a machine that accepts small coin denominations – in this way you can still bet with the maximum number of coins without spending too much per spin.

Know Where you Stand

Make sure to keep track of your wins and losses. Do not put the coins that you have won back into the slot from the bucket as this will make it easy to lose track of. Knowing where you stand will help you to limit your sessions and thus, limit your losses.

Stick to your Pre-set Limits

Set limits and stick to them. This will reduce the risks that you take by limiting the amount of money that you can spend on a cold machine before moving on. Decide on a bankroll for each machine that you play. Set a naked pull and loss limit. It is not good enough to simply set these limits; you need to make sure to stick to them as well. Do not play through emotion or gut feelings - you are bound to lose more in the long run playing that way.

Know when to Quit

Aside from the pre-set limits mentioned above, you need to set yourself realistic goals. Once you reach your goal, quit. Do not stick around in order to lose all of your wins. A 25% increase on your bankroll is a sensible, modest target to set yourself.

Join all Slot Club Offers

Many online casinos offer free slots clubs with many benefit to players in the form of comps. Make sure to join these and take advantage of them. Also look for online casinos that offer free money and reward points – this will make your money last longer.

Play in Slots Tournaments

Many online casinos offer free slots tournaments. These offer large wins and are worthwhile to join.

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