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Myths About Slots

Cracking Myths about Slots

Lets look at some of the more common myths about slots. The myth is listed 1st, followed by an explanation of why it’s not true.

Basic Myths about Slots

Some people believe that they will be able to crack some sort of slot machine pattern or sequence through careful and intense study. This is just not possible. Remember that slot machine outcomes are based on random number generators (RNG), which spits out millions of number combos a minute. And as the name states, the numbers are random. There is no sequence or pattern that any human can track.  In fact, even if you found a computer that could track a sequence, it would take years of data and it would probably still not find an accurate pattern.  You just cannot push the button at the exact split millisecond that is required to hit a jackpot.

Some slots players believe that because a slot machine has just paid out a large jackpot, they should not play on it because it will now not pay out anything to make up for the big payout.  Keep in mind that slots machines are designed to average a certain payout % over hundred thousands or millions of spins.  This means that that a machine that just paid out a jackpot has the precise same odds before and after the jackpot hit, because its average is determined in the short term.

Other players are very disappointed when someone replaces them on a machine and then wins a big jackpot.  They believe that if only they hung in there a little bit longer, the jackpot could have been theirs.  This is also not true.  The only chance you would’ve had at winning the jackpot would’ve been if you were able to push the spin button at exactly the same split micro second that the other player did.

Popular Myths about Slots

Some people think that when they stick to one machine for long enough, the machine would be due for a hit. Slot machines do not have a memory and are never due. Remember that payout percentages are based on literally millions of spins, and for you reach a million spins at 500 spins an hour you would have to play for 2,000 hours.

Slot machines do not pay out more often you only bet 1 coin per spin. The slot reels mechanism doesn’t know how many coins you have put into the machine. It will produce the same spin whether you play one or max coins. 

More Myths about Slots

Winning chances are not better when casino’s are busy, the reason more people win at busy times is because more people are playing more games more often. It has nothing to do with anything else. For instance, let's say a machine hits 1 time out of every thousand spins. If the machine gets two hundred spins when the casino is quiet and eight hundred when it is busy, at which time will it more likely be hit?

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