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Play and run strategy

Play and Run Strategy

The play and run strategy is a method to find the best online slot machine. Play the slots, hope to get good results, if not, move to another slot machine.

Getting Ready to Play by the Play and Run Strategy

The play and run strategy for online slots is aimed at the player with the low bankroll. You want to find a hot machine quickly and limit your losses if you are playing on a cold machine. Begin by dividing your bankroll between machines. For example, if you have a bankroll of $50, you can divide it into 10 sections for 10 different machines. Note that it is not divided into sessions, but by machines only.

You will then need to set your naked pull and loss limits. Your naked pull limit is the number of spins that you will spin on a machine without hitting a win. Your loss limit is the percentage of your bankroll that you will be prepared to lose on an online slots machine before leaving the machine and moving on. These limits must be conservative, yet realistic and players must always stick to them.

If you are holding a low bankroll, then choose an online slots machine that has a low minimum, for example 25 cents. Also, only play with one coin at a time – this number of coins does not increase in any pattern or based on previous spins. You will always continue to play with one coin.

Playing by the Play and Run Strategy

Play 20 spins on the machine that you choose. If your credit is up at the end of the 20 spins, continue to play. If your credit is down at the end of the 20 spins, "run," i.e. Leave that machine for another machine. Always keep in mind your naked pull and loss limits. If you reach either of these limits before you have played your 20 spins, leave the machine, regardless of how many spins you have actually played.

If you are up at the end of the 20 spins, cash out your money and begin the session again with another 20 spins and new naked pulls and loss limits.

Do Nots

Never play on credit as you don't know when a loss limit will be hit.
Never finish on a win – if you are playing a hot machine, keep playing it until it turns cold.
Do not rely on gut or emotion. This strategy is a strict one that requires you to stick to your plan – you can only play with the minimum number of coins and must move on if not all conditions are fulfilled or you have reached any of your pre-set limits. By doing this, you will limit the amount of money that you can lose on a machine that is not paying off.

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