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Penny slot machines

Penny Slot Machines – Penny Slot Machines in an Online Casino

Explaining what penny slots are, how they differ from regular online slots and what are penny slots features.

Penny Slots – The Newest Innovation

The introduction of penny slots is one of the hottest trends in the gaming and online casino industry. This might be difficult to believe, as the penny is often the lowest denomination of currency you can play with.  Hardly, anyone can think of a product that they can buy for a penny or cent anymore. As a society, we have learnt and gotten used to the idea of spending big sums of money if we are serious about something.

Some of us have even become a bit desensitized to hearing about a thousand or a million dollars, as we hear these numbers every day. Now that million dollar slot machine jackpots happen often and Poker tournament winners become instant millionaires, it's hard for us to realize that a penny can have much value. Slot makers and casinos, including the online casino variety, however, have discovered just how valuable these seemingly unimportant pennies can really be. As a matter of fact, they realize that small pennies really equal large profits.

Not Really a Penny Game

The new slot machines, including online slot machines, are multi-line machines that accept many coins per line. Over the last couple of years the Slot Machine makers and online slots software manufacturers have been slowly but surely adding more lines to their slot games. They have also simultaneously increased the amount of coins that you can wager on each line. This change was brought about due to the introduction of the new “coin-less machines.” These machines accepted bills and tickets but no longer worked with coins. This led to the fact that these slot machines no longer needed a hopper to be filled with actual coins.

A couple of years ago we saw nickel slot machines becoming popular again as the amount of coins that you could play on these machines have increased. These new games could take such a large number of coins per spin, that it became too expensive for many gamers to play the max coins at the 1/4 level. This led to the denomination of the coins to drop back down to a nickel. As nickel games became more and more popular, the slot makers and online slots designers wanted to design games that would be able to take even more coins per spin. Some of these games take so many coins that it has become too expensive for an average player to play max coins even at the nickel level! The next obvious step was to bring the denomination down again to the penny.

Keep your eye on the penny

These new penny machines and penny online slot machines can be great fun to play. Just keep in mind that even a penny has value. Some machines take a max bet of up to 1600 coins, a spin that means they are $16 a spin. The casinos and online casinos know this and you should too. Even though they are called penny slots, they still offer the real possibility to win or lose big amounts of cash.

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