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Slots Multipliers

Everything You Need To Know On Slots Multipliers

Multipliers are some of the most common slot games in the casino although they are not always the most popular. Let’s look at slots multipliers.

Slots Multipliers Games

Multipliers are some of the most common slot games in the casino although they are not always the most popular.I am attracted to slots multipliers for two reasons.   These games have no unpleasant surprises. There is no penalty for playing less than max coins, except for losing out on the jackpot, and every coin will buy a multiple of each winning payout.  Also, all winning symbols on the header board will pay out, irrespective of how many coins I choose to play.

Some people think that they should always play max coins on multipliers rather than risk hitting the jackpot with only 1 coin. I, for one, am quite happy to settle for a thousand dollars back from 1 coin, since it is quite unlikely I will hit a big one without any previous win, which could have brought me to the 2 coin investment level in an aggressive system.

So, let me repeat that slots multipliers games are recognized as slot machines that do not offer the player a bonus for playing the maximum amount of coins per spin. For instance: If a player bet one coin per spin a combo pays out four coins.  Had the player played two coins per spin that combo would have paid eight coins. Had a player played three coins per spin they would have won twelve coins, and so on. There is therefore obviously no bonus awarded for playing the maximum amount of coins per spin. This type of slots are at all bad, and you should try to look for this type of slot if you have a limited budget and or don't like to wager more then 1 coin per spin.

Bonus Slots Multipliers Games

Bonus slots multipliers games will ward you a bonus for betting the maximum number of coins per spin. For instance: If you bet only one coin per spin, a combo will pay out four coins, had you played two coins per spin that same combo would have paid out eight coins, but had you decided to play three (max) coins per spin you would’ve won twenty coins. From this it’s obvious that there is a bonus of six coins awarded for playing the maximum coins per spin.

Online software with slots multipliers

Odds On gaming casinos are on the rise on the web. They were not always very good but I think that they have become both better and more ambitious. Many of their games features slots multipliers.  Odds On’s new upgraded version share many elements with Microgaming such as video slots with multipliers, bonus rounds, and wild symbols. They offer good online casino software for slots, and they might even be better than Playtech now in terms of keeping you entertained.  However, they do not really offer the best progressives compared to the other online software casinos. Odds On online casinos features 7 reel slots, video slots, bonuses, slots multipliers, progressives, exclusive slots and a promising future.

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