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Slots Payouts

The Ultimate Slots Payouts Guide

Does one slot machine pay more than another or do online slots really pay out more than land slots machines. Read on for more info on slots payouts.

Slots Payouts

Have you ever considered slots payouts?  Does one machine pay more than another or does online slots really pay out more than brick and mortar slots machines?  Read on for more info on slots payouts.

The best online slots payouts are now comparable to or even better than their brick and mortar casino cousins.  When trying to locate the best slot machine payouts, you need to ask yourself exactly which game you are looking for.  It has actually gotten to where web casinos offer much more competitive paybacks percentages than any casino you will find outside of perhaps Las Vegas. There are just so many online casinos competing for your money, and they have to stand out to be noticed. Most land-based casinos outside of Las Vegas have very little competition in their area. So online casinos are forced to offer some of the best slots payouts on earth.

If you are looking for the top slots payouts with a real chance of winning a big one, you should probably stick to flat tops slots.  Flat tops are slots with a set jackpot. Flat top slot machine games normally offer a good combo of wagering odds and slots payouts. If you like playing progressive slots, you should realize that you are turning down regular wins for a chance at the best slots payouts. That is not the case with flat top video and 3-reels slots.

Best Slots Payouts

Lets look at some of the best Rival Gaming 3 Reel Slots Payouts. Among the Rival’s 3-reels, the best slots payouts are Milk the Cash Cow, Flea Market, and Big Cash Win slots. Milk the Cash Cow slots and Flea Market slots each have ten thousand payouts. As Big Cash Win’s name implies, it has the best payouts compared to any other Rival Gaming 3-reel. When you win the max jackpot while playing this game, you receive 20 000 coins.

Major Millions Slots Payouts was the 1st consistent million dollar progressive slots jackpot. Players have won tremendous prizes starting at 250 000 dollars for years now.

Progressive Jackpots Slots Payouts

Players can still find non-progressive slots payouts all over the web, - some of which still have great top end payouts. These non-progressives give you a real chance of winning, and are among the best payout slots of their kind. 

With the advent of progressive jackpots, however, jackpots have raised to hundreds of thousands or even millions. Progressive jackpots progress each time a player spins and doesn’t win the overall jackpot. Progressives usually have a starting prize and the odds are that prize will multiply several times before that lucky someone hits the big one.

Networked or linked progressive slots payouts are some of the biggest payouts slots. This network links all slots machines of a certain type in locations throughout the US, or the entire world. The networked progressives also prove to be perfect for online play.

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