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Betting with Max Coins in Slots

Strategy of Betting With Max Coins

Betting with max coins in slots will give you the best chance at winning a big jackpot. We take a look at why this is a good betting strategy.

Betting With Max Coins In Slots Basics

The object of the slots game is to achieve a winning combo of symbols to win a corresponding jackpot.  Most slot machines have three digital displays: Paid, Credits and Coins.

  • Paid is the amount of coins you won from the last pull.
  • Credits is the total number of remaining coins in your balance. This value will change according to the coin denomination setting of the slots machine.
  • Coins is the number of coins that you select to be bet on the next round.

The slot machine also has 4 buttons :

  • Bet Max allows betting with max coins in slots.  You will be able to quickly bet the max amount of coins allowed by the machine and instantly spins the reels.
  • Bet One allows you to bet 1 coin at a time. Once the correct amount of coins is bet, you must spin the reels manually by pulling the slot arm or clicking on spin.
  • Cash Out resets the amount of coins being bet to zero, and returns it to your balance.
  • Spin: this button will become enabled when at least 1 coin has been bet. Clicking on the spin button will lead to the spinning of the reels. Otherwise you may also pull on the slot machine arm to cause the reels to start spinning. Bear in mind that inserting more coins or cashing out is not permitted once the reels have already begun spinning.

Betting With Max Coins in Slots Tips

To set the value the coin you want to play, select a denomination on the slots machine. Next, deposit 1 to 3 coins into the machine.  You can click the Bet One button to bet 1 coin at a time, or click the Bet Max button for betting with max coins in slots.  Then click the spin button or pull on the slots machine's arm to begin the reels spinning. Bear in mind that that the Bet Max button will instantly cause the slot machine reels to begin spinning.  Each slots machine reel will begin to spin and 1 by 1 stop on a random symbol or picture. The resulting combo of symbols will determine your payout.

You should be betting with max coins in slots for the best odds on winning. For instance, if a slot machine takes a max bet of 5 quarters, place the 5-quarter bet. This gives you the optimum odds of winning long-term if you get a good combination of symbols.  Progressive jackpots are also based on betting with max coins in slots.

If you simply cannot afford to play the max number of coins, don't play that machine. Rather play the quarters machine if dollar slots are beyond your gaming budget.

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