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Baby Steps Strategy

Baby Steps Strategy

One online slots strategy is the baby steps strategy. It is a good strategy for those slots players wishing to control their online slots bankroll.


The baby steps strategy to online casino slots betting keeps the slots game simple and structured – it provides a staggered approach to betting. In this way, players do not increase and decrease their betting amount every spin according to the outcome of the spin before. The baby steps strategy, when used on a five coin slot machine should allow the machine to turn from cold to hot without the player having to sacrifice a large win. It slowly builds up the player's funds so that they will always end up winning.


Part of the beauty of the baby steps strategy in online casino slots is that it can be adapted to best suit each player's bankroll. It is important to remember that this strategy is not a set pattern, but rather an approach to playing online slot machine games. You can alter your pattern according to the size of your bankroll. If you have a large bankroll, you can afford to be more risky in your betting – that is, to place a larger number of maximum bets. If you have a smaller bankroll, on the other hand, you are more likely to play with a conservative pattern – that is, to place a larger number of smaller bets and limit the number of maximum bets that you place.

A conservative betting pattern may look something like this:


Differences to other Strategies

Most other casino slots strategies will avoid bets using one coin or four coins as they generally do not pay out as well as bets placed with two, three or five coins. The baby steps strategy does not avoid betting with these numbers of coins as the aim of this strategy is to increase the number of coins bet, in steps on the way up to the maximum betting amount. A more conservative baby steps betting strategy will play one coin, but will avoid the four coin bets. A more aggressive baby steps betting strategy will play both the one coin and the four coin bets on the way to the top.

Why the Theory Should Win

Very few players will leave a hot casino slots machine – that is, a machine that is on a winning streak. By betting one coin for the first three spins, you are warming up the machine at minimal cost to yourself. You increase your bets slowly so that by the time you are betting the maximum number of coins, the machine is hot and you can win the maximum amount of money. If you do not win when betting the maximum, you will not have lost large amounts of money as you have limited the number of your large spins. You can then return to the beginning of your sequence and start again.

If you reach your naked pulls or loss limits, end your session – even if you have not completed a pattern.

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