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Slots Betting

Your Guide to Slots Betting Systems

Most slots players are on the lookout for some slots betting system that will help them to win the big one. We look at some of the better slots betting systems around.

Does Slots Betting Systems Work?

Most slots players are on the lookout for some slots betting system that will help them to win the big one.While betting systems work for games like blackjack, slots betting systems don't really work. If someone is trying to sell you his or her can't-miss method, you should rather give it a miss.

There is a good reason why people call slot machines one-armed bandits. This is because they steal your cash in small doses, to allow casino owners to get richer, and buy more slot machines. All slot machines have a payback %, or a dollar amount they will pay back on a hundred dollar bet. If a certain machine’s payback percentage is 95 percent, it means that on average you will get back $95 on every 100 dollars spent. Unless you see a payback % that is more than 100%, you should expect that you would lose money while playing on a slot machine. (And this is of course never the case)

Popular Slots Betting Systems

That being said, people are still always talking about a few slots betting systems. We will now briefly look at these slots betting systems.

The Martingale Slots Betting System

The Martingale slots betting system is probably the most famous gambling system. If you use this system it means that if you lose 1 bet, you double your wager on the next bet. The Martingale assumes that losing on 1 hand betters your odds of winning on the next hand, and is based on the law of averages. When you double your bets, you do not only win back the cash you lost on the last hand, but you can also make a profit while doing so.

The problem with the Martingale slots betting system is the law of averages plays out over a very large number of bets. 1000 bets aren’t enough to figure out the law of averages. 10 000 aren't either as the deviation is too high.  And in the meanwhile, you are doubling your wager with every loss. This means that if you lose 5 bets in a row, which is very possible when playing slots, your wagers will increase to a level you are not comfortable with.  The Martingale slots betting technique will therefore increase your chances of losing a great deal of cash in a small amount of time.

The Zig Zag Slots Betting System

The Zig Zag slots betting technique is a complicated system that apparently offers you the chance to increase your odds of winning the big one on the next spin. You follow this by walking through the casino and looking for reels that are about to match up and produce a jackpot. Unfortunately, there really is no correlation between the reel symbol positions and the odds of a jackpot, because it’s the random number generators that move your video reels, and not some mechanical slots system.

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