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How to play slots

Learning to Play Online Slots

How to play online slots at online casinos, the basic rules of online slots and the features available in online slot machines.

Getting started

Online slots are much easier to master than playing in a brick-and-mortar casino.  In general, slot machines aren't hard to figure out, and both types work the same way.  You need to deposit money or insert your cash, and then press the button or pull the arm.  After that, all you can do is wish for the same pictures to line up on the reels, or for it to display a lucky or special picture that wins you a prize.  This is not too advanced as far as game play go.

Online slots give you an advantage because their set payouts are mostly as high as the biggest paying machines in Las Vegas. If you visited Las Vegas, you would be forced to do research and look around to find the elusive high paying machines, but if you prefer to play online slots, you'll quickly learn that they all have very high odds and payouts.

Furthermore, some online casinos offer you the chance to learn how to play slots without risking anything, i.e. free online slots.   The best thing you can learn to understand is the payoff table. This table will always tell you what combinations will ensure wins, and if you should bet multiple coins in order to get better payoffs. Multi-line and Multi-reel slots can get quite complicated, and it's good to understand how the particular game works before you think of putting your money in.

Relax and be realistic

You don't have to worry about that you are being ‘cheated.'  Online casino games are regulated, and the software operator sets the payout percentage. Online slot machines use the same algorithms as traditional slot machines. They don't make errors, and they don't cheat. Some of the biggest playing Vegas slot jockeys now prefer to work from home because it is definitely easier to learn how to play online slots.

All slot machines use random number generators, which are always ‘on' and are constantly generating new random numbers. Every slot play is completely random. Slot players have always believed in some sort of slot mythology or pattern but it simply isn't true.

Extra features

Some slots have bonus special enhancements to help please experienced gamblers.  These may include bonus multipliers and conditional bets, plus a great many extra surprises and bonuses that exist to serve the player. Some online slot machines have progressive jackpots, just like many other casino games.  This means that this particular slot machine is connected to a network of other slot machines that work together and pays off a massive collective jackpot.

You have to realize that the trade-off with progressives is that it reduces your odds of hitting the jackpot. Try to focus on how to play slot games that suit your own, hopefully realistic, expectations. Progressives are not always the way to get rich easy, although the lucky few that do hit them, walk away with pretty large sums.

With all the advantages, games, and variations of online slots, there's every reason to learn how to play online slots today, especially if you like playing casino slots.

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