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Chickens Strategy and Squirrel Strategy

Chickens Strategy and Squirrel Strategy

For people looking for an online slots strategy and different ways to play the slots, one should use the chickens strategy and the squirrel strategy.

Online slot machine strategies …

Although luck does have a large part to play at the online slot machines, many players like to play according to a particular system or method. For some, this may involve when to stay or leave a particular online slot machine rather than relying on impulses of the moment. Two such systems are the chickens strategy and the squirrel strategy, both of which are methods that are played according to an arranged pattern and then determine when to move on to another online slot machine. These may appear to be strange names for online slots strategies, but in fact each name does describe a characteristic of the particular strategy concerned.

Chickens strategy basics …

The main feature to be noted concerning the chickens strategy at the online slots is that the player runs around from slot machine to machine, rather in the manner of a chicken. In this case, the online slot gamer plays the game according to a particular pattern or series of games. This sequence needs to be decided prior to starting the game. This system means that once the online slots player has completed the pre-determined series or pattern of games, the player then leaves the machine irrelevant of whether the round of games produces a win or a loss. According to the chickens strategy, the player then selects a different online slot machine.

Squirrel strategy basics …

The characteristics of the squirrel strategy reflect the storing actions of a squirrel. In this strategy there is no running like a chicken at the best online casinos. This type of strategy is also played by arranging a series of bets before starting to play.  At the end of the series, if the player is in a winning situation, if playing by the squirrel online slot strategy, the player then stays at the same hot slot.  Rather like a squirrel hoarding food for the winter, the player then stores the original amount that was placed into the machine.  The amount of winnings is then halved and one half may be used for additional slot gaming.  In this way, whatever the outcome of the next series at the same online slot machine, the player will still be able to leave the online casino for the day with some winnings in hand.

Following an additional series played by the squirrel strategy the same procedure may be carried out.  Irrelevant of the funds that have been placed aside, if the player has less money than at the start of the second series, then it is time to leave the particular slot machine.  In the event of a second win, then the player may repeat the process, again setting aside part of the winnings and playing again according to the same pattern at the same machine.

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