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Ladder strategy

Ladder Strategy

The ladder strategy of play for online casino slots is a methodical approach to betting. Each slots bet is based on the outcome of the bet that came before it.

How to Play Casino Slots according to the Ladder Strategy

Players start by betting with the middle number of coins so, if you are playing on a 5 coin casino slots machine, you would begin by betting with three coins. If you win your spin, you bet with an additional coin, that is, four coins. If you lose your spin, you bet with one less coin, that is, two coins. It is unacceptable to skip rungs of the ladder, per se, and jump or decrease by two or more coins. It is also unacceptable to stay on one level without changing your bet.

For example, you start betting with three coins; you win your first spin so the next spin you bet with four coins; you then lose that spin. The next spin you will bet with three coins; if you lose again you bet the next spin with two coins. You carry on in this vain until you are betting with the maximum number of coins or until your session ends.

Every spin will cause the number of coins to change, except if you are betting with the maximum or the minimum number of coins. If you are playing the maximum number of coins, you remain in that position as long as you're winning. As soon as you lose, you decrease the number of coins for your next bet. Using this strategy, players should become used to winning small amount regularly.

Ending Your Session

It would seem that this strategy can be never ending as each spin will result in a change of rules for the strategy. It is the method that the strategy uses to deal with the minimum bets that enables it to limit the session of casino slots to a short period of time. If a player spins with the minimum number of coins, that is, one coin and they lose, they continue spinning with one coin. However, players can only continue spinning with the minimum number of coins for three spins. If they lose again after three spins, the session ends and the player begins a new session by betting with three coins. This is also a way of detecting a cold machine without losing too much of your bankroll. If you are playing on a cold machine and begin with the stipulated three coins, after playing only 8 coins your session will end.

Naked Pulls and Loss Limits

You need to keep aware of your naked pulls and loss limits. Naked pulls are the number of spins you will spin without winning before you leave a machine. Loss limit is the percentage of your bankroll that you are prepared to lose before leaving a machine. If you keep these two pre-set limits in mind and stick fast to them, you are more likely to come out a winner playing online casino slots using the ladder strategy.

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