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Umbrella Strategy

Umbrella Strategy

The umbrella strategy is used for playing 5 coin online casino slots. It is considered one of the more rigid online slots strategies.

The umbrella strategy in online casino slots can be used for any player regardless of their bankroll – it can simply be adapted to fit each player's needs. This will suit the aggressive bettor and the conservative bettor as they can alter how long they wish to spend betting at each stage of the pattern. The important thing is to stick to the pattern of increasing your bets, betting a few spins at the maximum bet and then decreasing you bets once again.

Basis of the Umbrella Strategy

The pattern of betting in the umbrella strategy of casino slots play is to gradually increase the number of coins that you bet and then gradually decrease once again. The exact pattern may vary in length and its staggering of coin amounts, however the basic pattern style will remain the same.

Factors that may Effect the Betting Pattern

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  • how aggressively or conservatively the player is playing
  • his available bankroll
  • how much he wishes to gamble

Patterns in the Umbrella Strategy

The pattern in the umbrella strategy must always be completed before you begin again. You must always start low, increase and then decrease once again. This must be done slowly over a long period of time or with a reasonable run on maximum coins before dropping down again.
Some examples of umbrella strategy patterns may include:
A longer pattern may look something like this:
An alternative pattern may look as follows:

Each pattern limits the number of spins that each player can play with the maximum number of coins. By doing this, the strategy limits the amount of money that can be lost by playing the maximum number of coins for too long. Players may choose to play an even more conservative pattern of the umbrella strategy when playing online casino slots. This would involve playing more low coin spins before increasing, more slowly, to the maximum number of coins spins. This will increase your chances of the machine being hot when you play the maximum number of coins.
An example of a more conservative pattern:

You can choose to stick to the maximum betting amount for a small number of spins or for a larger number of spins. Do not stick to it for too long however, otherwise you will defeat the purpose of the system.

Always remember that if you reach your naked pulls or loss limits, that you must stop playing and walk away from the machine. You should not even finish the pattern that you are in the middle of betting. This is a way to protect you when playing online casino slots machines.

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