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Up the Steps Slot strategy

Up the Steps Slot Strategy

The up the steps slots betting method provides the online slots gamer with a simple system and is a cautious way to play online slot machine games.

Although online slot machines are generally considered to be games of chance, many believe that there are various ways in which a player may take certain actions that can affect the outcome of the game. Despite the feeling that a player requires an element of fortune at the online slots, the up the steps slot strategy can help the player to feel more in control of play. The main idea behind the up the steps online slots game strategy is to place a minimum betting amount until the player obtains a win and then to raise the bet to the next level.

Up the steps basics

The central concept behind the up the steps slot strategy is to begin with a minimum betting amount and only to increase this wager when a return has been achieved.  If the outcome of the next spin provides a win then a further increase may be made in the betting amount.  However, in the case that the result of the slot spin is negative, then the betting returns to the minimum amount.

It should be noted that at 3 coin online casino slot machine games, it is generally recommended to bet the maximum coins.  If players do not place this maximum wager, then they will not have the opportunity to win the maximum jackpot prize.  In order to clarify this issue, the winner of a 3 coin jackpot will receive over three times the amount paid out to a one coin jackpot online slots winner.  The up the steps online slots method is therefore not an aggressive way of playing the game, but rather for those who prefer to play in a more careful manner.

Reasons to use the up the steps online slots strategy …

  • Players who are watching their bankroll carefully and would like to stretch it for as long as possible may benefit from the use of this strategy. A good online casino player knows exactly how much money is available for spending and arranges bankroll accordingly. If this amount is limited, an online slots player may wish to play carefully so that as many online slots games as feasible may be enjoyed.
  • This could be a good system for wary online slots players who like to play the game slowly.
  • Players who do not believe that they have a chance of obtaining the largest jackpot anyway may find the up the steps strategy to be productive.


The up the steps slots strategy basically creates a situation in which a player continues to place minimum bets while losing and when winning moves up to the next level and wagers a higher bet.  This online slots strategy may be recommended for the more cautious online slots player.

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